2004 Madrid train bombings

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Event.png "“terrorism”"
2004 Madrid train bombings (bombing) Rdf-icon.png
2004 Madrid train bombings.jpg
Date March 11, 2004
Location Madrid,  Spain
Blamed on Al Qaeda
Type • Mass murder
• time bombings
• “terrorism”
Deaths 191
Injured (non-fatal) 2050
Description A Spanish equivalent of 7/7, targetting civilians and blamed on Al Qaeda

The 2004 Madrid train bombings (known in Spain as 11-M) were a set of 10 bombs which exploded on four trains in Madrid in the space of a few minutes.

Official narrative

The remains of a bombed train.

On March 11, 2004, around 7:40 a.m., ten bombs exploded on four trains in the space of a few minutes. This was carried out by Muslim bombers organised by Al Qaeda. The date appears to have been selected with reference to Spanish domestic politics, because the events took place just three days before the general elections in which the People’s Party (of the political right) of outgoing President José María Aznar was presented as the favorite.[1]

Corporate News Coverage

Time Madrid Bombing.jpg

Time Magazine summarised its report that "the first breakthroughs in the case point to al-Qaeda", writing on 14th March that "before a single arrest had been made, when most Spaniards were still blaming Basque terrorists for the carnage, 3/11 was already the unmistakable offspring of 9/11" and continuing to extend the parallel.[2]

In 2009, Global Research reported that "According to El Pais (center-left Atlanticist newspaper), there are no legitimate doubts about the Islamist theory, while for El Mundo (center-right nationalist newspaper) the Islamist theory is nothing more than a police set-up." The Spanish press, led by the newspaper El Mundo has been calling the official narrative into question".[1]

Coincident drill?

NATO Secretary General, Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, described it as a "coincidence" that, on 4 March 2004, there was an "anti-terrorist exercise" (CMX-04) in Madrid, which anticipated killing 200 people, finishing just a few hours before the bombings. He reportedly visited Madrid on 1 March 2004, just 3 days before the exercise.[3] This is consistent with many other acts of "terrorism" such as 7-7, 9-11, 9-99.


The BBC quotes an unnamed "senior Spanish police source involved in investigating the bombings" that there was "no doubt from the very start" that ETA was not involved.[4]


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