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' Voltaire Network'. Paris-based, Multilingual, creative commons licensed

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Started: 24 August 2005

Owner: Thierry Meyssan

The network has touch on a number of important topics blacklisted by the commercially-controlled media, such as interviewing Kurt Sonnenfeld.

"Fake News"

Full article: Rated 3/5 “Fake News”

The Voltaire Network was listed as a "Fake News" website by PropOrNot. In February 2017, it claimed that it was being targeted by NATO and the European Union, through the Decodex, a purported checker of "fake news websites" backed by the French commercially-controlled media.[1]


A Document by Voltaire Network

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
More than 500 jihadists cared for at the Ziv Medical Centrearticle24 November 2015Islamic State
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Israel treats ISIS/Al-Qaeda fighters before returning them to fight in Syria

Documents sourced from Voltaire Network

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
1980 Massacre in BolognaarticleBologna massacre
Strategy of tension
2004 Madrid train bombings
6 July 2005Thierry Meyssan
After Yugoslavia, Ukraine?articleUkraine
2014 Ukraine coup
14 February 2014Thierry MeyssanTelling parallels and juxtapositions between the 2013-14 rioting in Ukraine and the dissolution of Yugoslavia
Behind the Greek DebtarticleGreece/Debt crisis
European Union
7 July 2015Thierry MeyssanThe geoplitics underlying what is presented as a crisis of national indebtedness
CIA Coordinates Nazis and Jihadistsarticle2014 Ukraine coup
The Great Game
19 May 2014Thierry MeyssanGlobal politics used to be a question of Right (Captalist) - v - Left (Socialist) - or so we were expected to believe. Today the dominant question is 'Side with Anglo-US-Nato or oppose it?' - with the full spectrum of Left-Right present in both camps.
Fourth Meeting of the Libya Contact GrouparticleLibya
2011 Attacks on Libya
The Great Game
15 July 2011Unknown
How Al Qaeda men came to power in LibyaarticleAl-Qaeda
2011 Attacks on Libya
War on Terror
7 September 2011Thierry Meyssan
JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn’tarticleLone nut
Assassination of John F Kennedy
13 June 2010Jim Fetzer
Jihadism and the Petroleum Industryarticle2011 Syrian Insurgency
23 June 2014Thierry MeyssanThe ISIS/ISIL 'Jihadi invasion' of Iraq is nothing of the sort. It is a determined attempt by Usaia to Balkanise Iraq in furtherance of a carefully laid contingency plan to maintain control over the region.
More than 500 jihadists cared for at the Ziv Medical CentrearticleIslamic State
2011 Syrian Insurgency
24 November 2015Voltaire NetworkIsrael treats ISIS/Al-Qaeda fighters before returning them to fight in Syria
NATO Reneges on its Missionwebpage2011 Attacks on Libya11 August 2011Thierry Meyssan
Syria - the rhetoric and the trutharticleSyria
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
John R. Allen
13 August 2015Thierry MeyssanThierry Meyssan rubbishes the likelihood of a serious US ground forces operation in Syria because it would trigger a military World War III
Syria has Changedreport2011 Syrian Insurgency4 November 2013Thierry MeyssanHow the mass of the Syrian population has woken up to the reality of foreign supplied controlled and financed jihadis as the fundamental problem facing the country
Terrorism as Seen From WashingtonarticleTerrorism
5 May 2014Thierry MeyssanA brief expose of the US Annual Report on Terrorism in the world as the propaganda.
The State Against The RepublicwebpageConspiracy theory13 March 2015Thierry MeyssanMeyssan's prediction that pervasive online censorship is coming
Towards the End of US PropagandaarticlePropaganda
2014 Ukraine coup
21 April 2014Thierry MeyssanAn analysis of Anglo-US propaganda techniques from their post-WWI origins to the absurdities of their explanations about the 2014 Ukraine coup and it aftermath. It's author opines that its days are numbered
Truth as an Issuearticle2011 Syrian Insurgency21 November 2013Thierry MeyssanThe responsibility of the well-meaning but deluded western Left for the catastrophic situation in Syria
Western rationality on Syria CW attacksarticleSyrian Chemical Weapons Attack7 September 2013Thierry Meyssan
Who is the Enemy?articleZionism
4 August 2014Thierry MeyssanThe desire for a 'Jewish Homeland' among the Jewish Diaspora is commonly understood to explain the origins of political Zionism in the mid-late 19th century; but that is only part of the story. This article is a brief introduction to the key role of the inheritors of Oliver Cromwell's 'Commonwealth' in its realisation in the State of Israel by actively seeking to harness the Diaspora to their purposes.
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