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Group.png Netherlands Atlantic Association  
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InterestsNATO, Integrity Initiative/Cluster/Netherlands
Membership• Bram Boxhoorn
• Christine Mertens
• Jan van den Berg
• Alex Krijger
• Marije Meines
• Michiel van Campen
• Angelien Eijsink
• Hester Somsen
• Marieke Monroy-Winter
• Erik-Jan van Oosterhout
• Salima Belhaj
• André Bosman
• Norbert Both
• René Cuperus
• Mostafa Hilali
• Ton van Loon
• Hans Luyendijk
• Patrick Mikkelsen
• Bram van Ojik
• Elsine van Os
• Paul Scheffer
• Hugo Triesscheijn
• Truus Valkering
• Ronald Vuijk
• Rein Willems
• Klaas de Vries
• Marianne van Leeuwen
• Ronald Havenaar
The Dutch chapter of the Atlantic Treaty Association

The Netherlands Atlantic Association (Dutch: Atlantische Commissie) is a para-governmental influence organization to steer politicians, other opinion makers and the public closer to the USA and NATO in military matters.


The Netherlands Atlantic Association cooperates actively with government institutions (like the Dutch Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs, the armed forces), non-governmental organizations and academic and political institutions in the Netherlands (Clingendael) and abroad (like the US Embassy, The CIA think-tank the German Marshall Fund and NATO)[1].

In addition, the Netherlands Atlantic Association assists (unspecified) others "with the organization and implementation of projects relating to national and international security issues and, where appropriate, initiates the development of such projects." If this include the Integrity Initiative is not known, but its sister organizations in other countries were closely involved.

It organizes national and international conferences, seminars, panel discussions and lectures for specific groups. Especially politicians and opinion makers are targeted. But the Atlantic Education Committee, for instance, goes more basic, and develops projects for secondary school teachers and pupils, "also important target groups of the Netherlands Atlantic Association", with some some 2,500 teachers and school departments in the network[2].


The Executive and board have representatives from all major political parties, including the Green party (GroenLinks). Other groups include government defense bureaucrats, military academics and officers,and certain sectors of the business community: the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, people connected to the strategic oil company Shell, Signpost Six ('Psychology for intelligence and security'[3]) and others.

Dirk Jan van den Berg , Chairman Chairman, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland (ZN)

Alex Krijger, Vice Chairman Founder and Managing Partner of Krijger & Partners, former Senior Government Relations Advisor, Royal Dutch Shell

Marije Meines, Secretary ; Senior Advisor, RadarAdvies

Michiel van Campen, Treasurer ; Executive Director, Permits Foundation; Owner, Van Campen International Business Development

Angelien Eijsink Freelance Advisor and moderator, Member of the Integrity Committee of the Dutch Ministry of Finance, Chair of the Advisory Board of the CAOP, former Defence spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party (PvdA); former Chairman, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Second Chamber of Parliament

Hester Somsen, Observer for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; Director of Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Marieke Monroy-Winter, Observer for the Ministry of Foreign Affair ; Head of the Security and Defense Policy Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Erik-Jan van Oosterhout, Observer for the Ministry of Defenc ; Head NATO Department, Ministry of Defence


Salima Belhaj Defence spokesperson for the Social Liberal Party (D66), Second Chamber of Parliament

André Bosman Defence spokesperson for the Liberal Party (VVD), Second Chamber of Parliament

Norbert Both Head Government Relations NL, Shell International

René Cuperus Associate Fellow Clingendael Institute, Research Fellow Germany Institute at the University of Amsterdam (DIA)

Mostafa Hilali Vice Director Department of Multi-Year and Commitment Planning, Army Staff Dutch Ministry of Defense

Ton van Loon Former Commander, 1st German/Dutch Corps

Hans Luyendijk, Chairman Atlantic Education Committee ; Former Principal, Dalton School, The Hague

Patrick Mikkelsen Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Bram van Ojik Member Defense and Foreign Affairs Committees for the Green party (GroenLinks), Second Chamber of Parliament

Elsine van Os CEO and founder Signpost Six ('Psychology for intelligence and security')

Paul Scheffer Publicist; Professor of European Studies, Tilburg School of Humanities

Hugo Triesscheijn, Netherlands Atlantic Youth ; Master Military Strategic Studies, Netherlands Defense Academy

Truus Valkering Former Director International Affairs, Tata Steel Europe

Ronald Vuijk Former Defence spokesperson for the Liberal Party (VVD), Second Chamber of Parliament

Rein Willems Former Chairman of the Board, Shell Nederland B.V.

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Known members

2 of the 28 of the members already have pages here:

Paul SchefferDouble Bilderberger author/academic
Klaas de VriesSingle Bilderberg retired Dutch politician who attended Atlantic Storm
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