Pietro Fedino

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Person.png Pietro FedinoRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(drug trafficker, crime boss, fraudster)
ResidenceUithoorn,  Netherlands
Criminal charge
Financial fraud

Pietro Fedino, (also identified as P.F.[1] 'Petro F'[2]) was reported by the BBC in 2002 from the Hague as having been "convicted here recently of dealing in cocaine", was tried along two or three[3] other men, including with senior NATO official Willem Matser and serial fraudster Willem van Voorthuizen.[3] He is alleged to be a "notorious Italian Mafioso".[4]


Expatica News, Amsterdan, Netherlands, July 22, 2003 wrote that "Assisted by two taxi drivers and a baggage handler, F is accused of smuggling countless amounts of cocaine into the Netherlands. Between October and December alone, five smuggling incidents are alleged to have occurred."[2]


In January 2004 he was found guilty of fraud with forged securities, at which time he was aged 64, and resident in Uithoorn, Netherlands.[5]