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Disclaimer (#3)Document.png article  by dated 2010
Subjects: Sweden, NATO
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Author's Note


The “tyranny of small steps” leading Sweden into the military alliance

The following is a very preliminary attempt to chart the process by which Sweden has successively abandoned its long-standing policy of neutrality1 and become ever more deeply entangled with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. That process is the focus of a project entitled “Stop the furtive accession to NATO!”.

According to the original project proposal, Swedish neutrality is being eliminated by a “tyranny of small steps”, and the purpose of this account is to document the various steps involved — some of which have actually been quite large.

Instead of the misleading acronym of mere NATO, the term USA/NATO is used throughout in order to underscore the often neglected or deliberately obscured fact that the military alliance is dominated by the United States. For the same reason, steps by Sweden toward alliance with and subjugation to the United States, alone, are regarded as steps toward membership in USA/NATO. They are all part of the same process.

Also included are a few glimpses of the related process by which the Swedish people have been and are being indoctrinated to accept and even support U.S. world hegemony, a subject to be treated more fully on the project website.

In such matters it is essential to call things by their right names, as Olof Palme noted when he referred to the United States’ massive bombing of Vietnamese civilians as “a form of torture... an atrocity”. That exercise in correct name-calling provoked outrage in the atrocitizing nation, and among its devout followers in Sweden and elsewhere.

Without drawing any parallels with that episode or its author, some of the statements and formulations in the following text may provoke similar reactions. If so, the offended parties are warmly invited to make their objections and their reasons known. The same applies to anyone who detects errors of commission or omission. Criticism, corrections and suggested amendments are very welcome and may be submitted via e-mail to:

In short, this is intended merely as the start of a public dialogue on issues that are crucial for the future of both Sweden and the world at large. Unless otherwise requested, all rational responses will be published on the project website as contributions to that long-overdue discussion.

Finally, it should be noted that the following account is entirely my doing. No one else associated with the project is responsible for any errors of fact or interpretation that it may contain.

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