Baltic States

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Group.png Baltic States  
LocationEstonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Europe
Leaders• European Union
Typenation state
3 former USSR nations in Northern Europe; on the Baltic Sea.

There are three countries known as "Baltic States".


Related Quotation

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer“It is not likely. But he is unpredictable and consumed by resentment and rancour. So, you should not exclude the possibility that he'll be creating a problem between Kaliningrad and Belarus. That area is the gateway from Western Europe to the Baltic countries. If he closes that passage, it would be a reason for war for NATO.”Jaap de Hoop Scheffer
24 February 2022


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
EstoniaEstonia is the most northern of the Baltic States. Formerly part of the USSR, now EU and NATO.
LatviaFormer USSR, now NATO and EU. The middle country of the Baltic States. SDS power consolidation in 2021
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