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HeadquartersRome, Italy
The Italian deep state, post-WW II, centered on the Operation Gladio network run through NATO and heavily influenced by the CIA and MI6.

See also the Ancient Roman Deep state

The Italian Deep state appears to have been centered on the Propaganda Due (P-2) masonic lodge, run by Licio Gelli, which was set up at the end of WWII under the rubric of Operation Gladio. Oswald LeWinter describes it as a "wholly owned subsidiary of the company [i.e. the CIA] in Italy".


The Sapienza University of Rome‎?


Licio Gelli was an Italian deep politician who ran P-2 for many years.


The Italian deep state used a range of tactics to prevent the electoral success of the Italian left, in particular of the Italian communist party.

Assassination of Enrico Mattei

Enrico Mattei, the maverick CEO of the Italian oil and gas company Eni died in a suspicious plane crash in 1962. He had broken out of the grasp of the oil cartel the Seven Sisters (a phrase he coined) and offered better extraction deals to Middle Eastern oil suppliers, and were on the cusp of creating an independent Italian industrial policy.[citation needed]

Borghese coup

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Valerio Borghese organised a failed coup in 1970.

Years of Lead

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The English phrase "Strategy of Tension" is a direct translation of the Italian. This strategy was carried out during the "Years of Lead", which saw bombings and assassinations carried out by Operation Gladio but which were attributed to "communist terrorists" such as the Brigade Rossi.

Mani Pulite

The Mani Pulite anti-corruption drive in the early 1990's was CIA's revenge on Italy's political caste for being to soft on Libya, especially during the Sigonella Hostage Standoff, showing too much foreign policy independence in general, and talking too freely of other matters. Recordings of Italian politicians' substantial corruption was leaked to the prosecution by anonymous sources, leading to convictions against many politicians, including former PMs Giulio Andreotti and Bettino Craxi.[citation needed]


In 1981 the Italian Prime Minister Arnaldo Forlani and his coalition cabinet resigned after revelations about P2.[1] Operation Gladio was dramatically exposed by the Prime Minister of Italy, Giulio Andreotti, following investigations carried out by Felice Casson.




Related Quotation

"Conspiracy theory"“There is in Italy a power which we seldom mention in this House ... I mean the secret societies... It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal, that a great part of Europe — the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries — is covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government; they do not want ameliorated institutions ... they want to change the tenure of land, to drive out the present owners of the soil and to put an end to ecclesiastical establishments. Some of them may go further...”


Event Planned

Piazza Fontana bombing12 December 1969 16:37:0012 December 1969 16:37:00Italy
Piazza Fontana
An act of terrorism carried out by NATO backed groups to try prevent the electoral success of the Italian communist party.


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