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Employment.png NATO/Supreme Allied Commander Europe 

Start24 March 1952
DeputyDeputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe
The head of the military chain of command in NATO.

The Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) is NATO's top military executive and has always been filled by an American. As of 2020 NATO's SACEUR is Tod D. Wolters[1].

Before 2003 the SACEUR was head of Allied Command Europe. Since 2003 the SACEUR is also head of Allied Command Operations (ACO) controlling all NATO operations worldwide.

Bilderberg attendance

Alfred Gruenther, who was SACEUR when the Bilderberg group was set up, attended the meeting in 1955 (and possibly also 1957, 1966). All subsequent SACEURs attended at least once (but in contrast to the Secretary General of NATO - generally not before their appointment) up to John Galvin (1987-1992). At that point, the pattern changed, with the SACEUR generally no longer attending Bilderberg. James L. Jones was an exception to this rule, attending Bilderberg in 2005.

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  1. A list of previous SACEURs is at wikipedia