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Diana Crash inset.jpg
Lady Diana was killed in a highly suspicious car crash, after successfully leading efforts to ban production of land mines.

"Unlawful Killing" of Diana Princess of Wales

Full article: Diana Princess of Wales/Death

On 31 August 1997, Diana Princess of Wales was killed along with two other people after injuries sustained in a suspicious car crash. A 2007/2008 inquest determined that she had been "unlawfully killed". Her husband, Prince Charles was not called to testify, although two copies of the Mishcon note had surface, in which she wrote of her fear that she would be killed in a staged car crash. [1][2]

Operation Gladio/B

Full article: Rated 5/5 Operation Gladio/B

Sibel Edmonds revealed "Operation Gladio B" as an FBI codename adopted in 1997 for ongoing relations between US intelligence, the Pentagon and Al Qaeda.[3]



The Troubles
Al-Yamamah arms deal
Le Cercle/1997 (Berlin)
Operation Gladio/B
Diana Spencer/Death

New Groups

Institute for Public AccuracyGroup.png1997 - Present
Project for the New American CenturyGroup.png1997 - 2006Public policy think tank
Muslim Council of BritainMuslim Council of Britain.jpg1997 - Present
Whitehall AdvisersGroup.png1997 - PresentCommercial
The Smith InstituteGroup.png1997 - PresentThink tank
United States Committee for a Free LebanonGroup.png4 July 1997 - PresentLobby

New Websites

Common DreamsCD stacked white email.png1997 - Presenthttps://www.commondreams.org/Named as an outlet of "Fake News"
Black Star NewsBlackstarnews.png1997 - Presenthttp://www.blackstarnews.comA news website which broke the murder of Sunny Sheu.
WorldNetDailyWorldNetDaily.png1997 - Presenthttp://www.wnd.comConservative news aggregation site
Voz de AztlanVoz de Aztlan.png11 July 1997 - 2015
Spartacus EducationalSpartacus Educational.pngSeptember 1997 - Presenthttp://www.spartacus-educational.comA lot of useful material on intelligence agencies and biographies of shady characters. Since 2014 there has been a forum.

A Group that was Wound Up

MetromediaMetromedia Incorporated logo.jpg1956 - 1997