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Capital cityRome
LeaderPresident of Italy
Typenation state
Subgroups• Servizio Informazioni Difesa
• Servizio Informazioni Forze Armate
Interest ofBilderberg/1993, Emanuele Ottolenghi
Member ofG-20, Global Counter Terrorism Forum, International Energy Agency, NATO, OECD
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Italy is a nation state in Southern Europe. Its capital city, Rome, contains the Vatican city. After CIA intervention in 1947 to try to prevent the electoral success of the communist party it proved politically unstable. A swathe of bombings from the late 1960s was later shown to be part of a NATO-backed program of propaganda and social destabilisation, exposed in the 1980s. The project had different names in different countries, but the Italian name "Operation Gladio" has come to describe the whole project.


Full article: Operation Gladio

Italy was the first country in which the CIA carried out covert actions. In 1947, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter signed a document NSC 4-A, authorising covert intervention in the elections to prevent a communist victory. This began a decades long campaign by the CIA to try to prevent a communist government from taking power.

Years of Lead

Full article: Stub class article Years of Lead

The Years of Lead were a decades long strategy of tension carried out against the Italian population. They were marked by assassinations and false flag attacks and the gradual exposure of Operation Gladio.

False flag bombings

The Peteano Attack was a false flag attack carried out in 1972 by Vincenzo Vinciguerra (a fascist), but blamed at the time on communist "terrorists". This began a NATO backed "strategy of tension" against the Italian people. After hundreds of people were murdered by false flag bombings such as the Bologna massacre, the level of interest was such that the secret stay-behind network, Operation Gladio was exposed.

Aldo Moro

In 1978, former Italian Prime Minister, Aldo Moro was kidnapped and murdered by the Brigate Rosse (Red Brigades). Like the Peteano attack, the possibility that this could have been a false flag attack was initially not taken seriously, although after the exposure of Gladio, it now is. Culpability is still being debated.


Italy was where the truth about Operation Gladio finally emerged (which is why the Europewide network has an Italian name). Italy was one of only 3 members of the European Union which complied with the European Parliament's directive to investigate Operation Gladio.[1]

Bearer bonds

Full article: Bearer bond
A 1 Billion Dollar gold Bearer bond

Extremely large amounts of Bearer bonds (in extremely large denominations) have turned up on the Swiss border, such as the June 2009 seizure of US$ 134.5 billion worth. Reports disagree as to whether the bonds were real or fake, but those caught importing hem into Switzerland appear to have been released with charge.[2][3][4]

"War on Terror"

Full article: Rated 4/5 “War on Terror”

In 2015, six people were convicted of anti-semitism in Italy, under 1993 "race hatred" laws, in the wake of Charlie Hebdo.[5]

Arms Production

Italy was the #8 nation worldwide as regards arms exports from 2012-2016.[6]


An event carried out

2011 Attacks on LibyaLibya"Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of US military aggression and lawlessness in recent memory", carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".


Ambassadors to Italy

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Italy
Canada/Ambassador to Italy
Colombia/Ambassador to Italy
Netherlands/Ambassador to Italy
Norway/Ambassador to Italy
UK/Ambassador to Italy1861
US/Ambassador to Italy1840


Nation state

Nation state
Vatican City



Bilderberg/1957 OctoberThe 6th Bilderberg meeting, the latest ever in the year and the first one in Italy.
Bilderberg/2018The 66th Bilderberg Meeting, in Turin, Italy, known for months in advance after an unprecedented leak by the Serbian government.
Bologna bombingA murderous attack on the Italian public, carried out by the MI6/CIA led Operation Gladio, blamed on communists, as part of a wider program to prevent their electoral success in Italy.
Borghese coupA failed coup d'etat
Identity Crisis: Can European civilization survive conference
Itavia Flight 870Suspicious plane crash that was the subject of complex legal action.
Le Cercle/1968 (Rome)Precise dates uncertain
Moby PrinceA ferry catastrophe during a military smuggling operation
Operation Gladio/ExposureOperation Gladio was exposed in Italy by the research of Italian judge Felice Casson.
Peteano bombingA suicide bomb attack which lured 3 carabinieri to their deaths with a booby trapped car bomb. The cover up of this murder - and its later uncovering by Italian judge Felice Casson was a major event in the exposure of Operation Gladio.
Piazza Fontana bombingAn act of terrorism carried out by NATO backed groups to try prevent the electoral success of the Italian communist party.
Piazza della Loggia bombing


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna
Aspen Institute ItaliaA big Italian business think tank, influence group and lodge
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
Bank of Italy
Ca' Foscari University of Venice
European University of Rome
Ghisleri College
Italian International Affairs Institute
Italy/Deep stateThe Italian deep state, post-WW II, centered on the Operation Gladio network run through NATO and heavily influenced by the CIA and MI6.
Italy–USA Foundation
Leonardo S.p.A.9th biggest arms manufacturer in the world by sales
NATO/Defense College
Operation GladioSecret for over 40 years, Gladio is a NATO-backed network of armed soldiers inside the nations of Europe outside effective control of national governments. Ostensibly intended for use only in case of a Soviet invasion, Gladio carried out a string of false flag terror attacks. In 1990, the European parliament asked all member states to launch investigations, but only 5 national governments did so.
Opus Dei
Sapienza University of RomeUniversity of importance to the Italian Deep state
The European House - Ambrosetti
University of Padua
University of Parma
University of Pisa
University of Sassari
World Food Programme


Citizens of Italy on Wikispooks

Mario Ferrari Aggradi13 March 191624 December 1997
Gianni Agnelli12 March 192124 January 2003Italian industrialist, 37 Bilderbergs
Umberto Agnelli1 November 193427 May 2004Italian business magnate with multiple deep state connections including the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Alberto Alesina29 April 1957Italian economist who attended the 2018 Bilderberg.
Giovanni Allavena
Renato Altissimo4 October 194017 April 2015
Alfredo AmbrosettiJune 19316 times Bilderberg visitor Italian businessman
Giorgio Ambrosoli17 October 193311 July 1979An Italian lawyer assassinated while investigating Michele Sindona.
Nino Andreatta11 August 192826 March 2007
Giulio Andreotti14 January 19196 May 2013"The ultimate insider of Italian political life", who as Italian Prime Minister publicly confirmed the existence of Operation Gladio
Tima Anselmi25 March 19271 November 2016Single Bilderberger Italian Heath Minister
Enrico Anzilotti
Carlos Aritario
Paolo Baffi5 August 19114 August 1989
Vittorio Barattieri
Luigi Barzini21 December 190830 March 1984Italian politician
Piero Bassetti20 December 1928Double Bilderberg Italian politician
Gianfranco BattelliSISMI Director on 9-11, who reports that he refused to cooperate in kidnapping terrorist suspects for the CIA.
Rodolfo de Bendetti2 July 1961Double Bilderberg Italian deep state connected businessman
Carlo De Benedetti14 November 1934
Giorgio Benvenuto8 December 1937Italian trade unionist and politician, attended the 1980 Bilderberg as Italian Socialist Party/General secretary
Silvio Berlusconi29 September 1936
Franco Bernabè18 September 1948Italian banker and manager, Steering Committee of the Bilderberg
Gilberto Bernardini28 August 19064 August 1995
Tarcisio Bertone2 December 1934
Enzo Bettiza7 July 192728 July 2017
Emma Bonino9 March 1948
Valerio Borghese6 June 190626 August 1974
Ferrucio de Bortoli20 May 1953
Umberto Broccoli
Manlio Brosio10 July 189714 March 1980The last Secretary General of NATO who was appointed before he attended the Bilderberg.
Aristide BrunelloLittle known Cercle visitor. Vatican prelate and spy for the BND under Reinhard Gehlen. Attended a meeting of the Le Cercle.<a href="#cite_note-2">[2]</a>
Roberto Burioni1962
Raffaele Cafiero12 February 189110 July 1959Italian senator who attended two Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Luigi Calabresi14 November 193717 May 1972An Italian policeman who was alleged to have killed a suspect of the Piazza Fontana bombing. Assassinated in 1972, leading to public unrest.
Luigi Caligaris4 October 193117 October 2019Single Bilderberger Italian journalist
Roberto Calvi13 April 192017 June 1982An Italian banker dubbed "God's Banker" (Italian: Banchiere di Dio) by the press because of his close association with the Holy See. Found death, hanging from a bridge in London.
Giampiero Cantoni10 February 19399 May 2012
Umberto Cappuzzo30 April 192213 May 2014Senior Italian military leader and Le Cercle attendee.
Lucio Caracciolo7 February 1954Double Bilderberg Italian journalist economist
Antonio Cariglia
Guido Carli28 March 191423 April 1993Pentabilderberger, Governor of the Bank of Italy for 15 years
Giovanni Carlo
Luciano Carta31 January 1957
Mario Casardi1 April 1915
Felice Casson5 August 1953
Elena Cattaneo22 October 1962Co-founding director of the University of Milan's Center for Stem Cell Research.
Luigi Cavalchini
Fabio Luca Cavazza
Paolo Pansa CedronioDeputy NATO Secretary General
... further results


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