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Place.png Balkans

The Balkans is an area of South Eastern Europe.

The number of years different parts of the Balkans were under Ottoman influence.


"Balkanisation" has come to mean splitting up into different regions.


Nation state

Nation state


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Document:Building Governance in the Western Balkansproject proposal17 October 2018Euan Grant"The campaign will consider the digital landscape and the differing methods of coordinating on-line influencers, which could be through paid media, creative content or indirect 3rd party influencers". "Project risk: The proposed counter-measure narratives are themselves identified as external interference in WB6 countries"
Document:Chris Donnelly proposal to FCOdocument24 May 2018Chris DonnellyThe local partner then needs to do or commission an assessment of the agents or promoters of corruption and influence, eg key businessmen or politicians, as well as opposition politicians and clean businessmen, journalists etc who can be allies. These we bring out on trips to London, HQ NATO etc.
Document:The Balkans: Courruption as a Weapon of War, the Vulnerabilities to Corruption and Malign Influenceproject proposal17 October 2018Euan GrantAwareness of Chinese, Turkish and V4 influence in non-EU Balkan States, and associated potential risks to be mitigated and opportunities that might be exploited; mitigating Russian (and associated) malign influence
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