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Group.png Luxembourg  Rdf-icon.png
Flag of Luxembourg.svg
Capital cityLuxembourg City
LeaderPrime Minister of Luxembourg
Typenation state
Member ofNATO, OECD

Luxembourg is a nation state in Northern Europe.

Operation Gladio

On July 7, 2008 Luxemburg became the 5th country to publish an official report on Operation Gladio in the country. Entitled "Rapport de la Commission de Contrôle parlementaire du Service de Renseignement de l'État - Les activités du réseau "Stay behind" luxembourgeois", it was published on the same day as one entitled "Le rôle du service de renseignements dans le cadre des enquêtes relatives à l'affaire des attentats à l'explosif des années 1984 à 1986".[1]


An ambassador to Luxembourg

Nation stateStartDescription
UK/Ambassador to Luxembourg


Citizens of Luxembourg on Wikispooks

Jean-Pierre Hansen10 May 19424 time Bilderberger chemist.
Etienne Reuter