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Formation 10 December 2005
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Slogan Question more
Owners Russia
A global TV channel backed by the Russian government

RT, originally Russia Today, is a television network funded by the Government of Russia. It operates cable and satellite television channels directed to audiences outside of Russia as well as providing Internet content in various languages, including Russian.[1]

RT International, based in Moscow, presents around-the-clock news bulletins, documentaries, talk shows, debates, sports news, and cultural programmes about Russia. RT operates as a multilingual service with conventional channels in three languages: the original English language channel was launched in 2005, the Rusiya Al-Yaum Arabic language channel in 2007, and the Spanish language channel in 2009.[2]

RT America (since 2010) and RT UK (since 2014) offer some locally based content for those countries.[3]

Frozen funds

On 17 October 2016, Britain's National Westminster Bank (NatWest), which is part of RBS Group, informed RT UK that it was going to close all of its bank accounts, without explanation. Although the British government is the Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s majority shareholder, Prime Minister Theresa May’s office denied any involvement. But Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov insisted that the decision had not been taken by the bank independently:

“It’s as clear as day that this decision was not made by the bank. And not any other bank – banks don’t make such decisions on their own,” he said. “I believe an old saying is appropriate here: don’t treat others the way you don’t wish to be treated yourself.”[4]

A petition to NatWest started by Oliver Tickell, editor of The Ecologist magazine, which sought to have Russia Today's UK's bank accounts reinstated, soon exceeded one thousand signatures.[5]

On 18 October 2016, the Daily Telegraph reported that NatWest was backtracking on freezing RT's bank account apparently because "Moscow responded to the threat by claiming it would freeze the BBC's finances in Russia and report Britain to international watchdogs such as the OSCE for violating Russia's right to freedom of speech."[6]

Censorship by RT

It may be instructive to note that some material is removed from the Russia Today website.

9/11 Denial

A September 2011 report noted that Vladimir Putin had claimed that the suggestion that the US intelligence agencies were involved in the 9/11 attacks was "complete nonsense".[7] By March 1, 2015, this had been removed from their website.[8]

Truthseeker E30 & E21

The RT site produced a video series, "The Truthseeker", archives of which were available online.[9] Two episodes however, Episode 30, "Who Has Nukes in the Middle East?", and Episode 21 "Americas Next Colonies Part 2" though available on YouTube, were no longer available from as of 1 March 2015.[10]

Tony Gosling

UK independent journalist Tony Gosling used to be a regular guest on Russia Today, but was dropped after criticism of Russia.

Censorship of RT

In November 2017, the US Department of Justice demanded that RT register under FARA as a "foreign agent".[11][12]


Documents sourced from Russia Today

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
A New Islamic cultinterviewSyria
US/Foreign policy
20 November 2013Nacib Hoteit
Nadezhda Kevorkova
Insights into the Western (especially US-Israeli) agenda for Syria and the Middle East following the effective blocking of a Libya-style military intervention in Syria by Russia in the Summer of 2013.
A new US puppet government for Ukraineaudio transcript2014 Ukraine coup
Victoria Nuland
Geoffrey Pyatt
7 February 2014Geoffrey PyattClear, unambiguous confirmation that the US runs the Ukrainian opposition and that what is going on in Ukraine in 2013-14 is US sponsored "Regime Change". This is how the US installs its puppet governments while feigning outrage at the terrorist violence it organises and provokes to do so".
Douma ‘attack’ witnesses speak at Russia-called OPCW briefing at The HagueArticleDouma attack
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
White Helmets
Chemical Weapons
26 April 2018Halil al-Jaish who tended to people at the Douma hospital that day, told the press conference that some of the patients had indeed experienced respiratory problems. The symptoms, however, were caused by heavy dust, which engulfed the area due to recent airstrikes, and no one showed any signs of chemical warfare poisoning.
Is Fukushima's nuclear nightmare over? Don’t count on itarticleFukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster
Geraldine Thomas
12 March 2016Chris BusbyUpdate on the developing Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster and a good illustration of BBC use of "Experts" to present and give credibility to outrageous falsehoods in support of the "nothing to see here" propaganda of the nuclear industry.
Ratko Mladic InterviewinterviewYugoslavia
Srebrenica Massacre
Ratko Mladić
26 August 2011CNN
Refugee crisis-Brought to you by Western Imperialismarticle2015 European refugee crisis20 September 2015Andre VltchekHome truths for European countries about their refugee crisis
The real legacy of ChernobylarticleChernobyl disaster
Nuclear Industry
26 April 2016Chris BusbySuppressed information about the health risks of radiation 30 years after the Chernobyl disaster
Vladimir Putin Interviewinterview2011 Syrian Insurgency
War on Terror
Edward Snowden
5 September 2013Vladimir PutinPress interview with Vladimir Putin ahead of the September 2013 G20 meeting in St Petersburg
Western focus on delegitimizing Syria electionarticle2011 Syrian Insurgency
4 June 2014Sharmine NarwaniAscerbic commentary on the attitudes and reporting of the western media on the June 2014 presidential election in Syria
Will Geneva talks lead right back to Assad’s 2011 reforms?article2011 Syrian Insurgency10 February 2016Sharmine NarwaniInformed speculation that the Geneva conference on Syria will produce a result that could have been had 4 years earlier and before the loss of some 250,000 lives, countless refugees and massive infrastructure destruction.
‘No slither of evidence’ against Russia over Skripal attack, George Galloway tells RTVideoTheresa May
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Skripal Affair
28 March 2018George GallowayGeorge Galloway concludes: "The OPCW, which is currently examining samples of the nerve agent used against the Skripals, will presumably be lent upon to obfuscate the outcome. No one will ever know the truth.”
‘What about the Israeli army killing unarmed Palestinian civilians’ArticleAntisemitism
Charles Michel
27 April 2018Ken LoachKen Loach asked the Belgian prime minister: “Mr Michel is a lawyer, did he wonder about Israel’s failure to comply with international law? Has he asked the question of colonisation of the Palestinian territories? Has he asked the question of unarmed Palestinian civilians killed by the Israeli army? Has he asked the question of refugees living under the protection of the United Nations?"


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