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Concept.png "Narco-state" 
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An enemy image comparable with "failed state", but particularly suggestive of drug trafficking.

The phrase "Narco-state" is an exonym used to promote fear. The term shifts the focus away from the fact that the majority of the world's drug trafficking is controlled at some level by the transnational deep state, and that Western banks and deep state operatives are the main profiteers of this trade, where "narco-states" are junior players or patsies.


Democracy Now! mooted Afghanistan as "The Worst Narco-State in History?" in 2014, a reference to the increased harvest of opium after the 2001 Invasion of Afghanistan.[1]

The term is used by Western commercially-controlled media, possibly to suggest national governments which will be targeted for "regime change". Recipients of this term include Peru, Guinea-Bissau[2][3] and Mozambique[4].

The Guardian in 2018 reported that "The Netherlands is starting to resemble a narco-state with the police unable to combat the emergence of a parallel criminal economy, a report from the Dutch police association has warned".[5]


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Mark Rutte“I get so angry reading those articles in Amsterdam where people are snorting 10000 lines of cocaine that are seemingly being used weekly or daily in the big cities, which makes me wonder that those idiots, that do that, those idiots that do that, they are maintaining that system of heavy crime, where Taghi and all those criminal families have made a billion-euro business.”Mark Rutte2019
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