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Concept.png Human sacrifice
(Murder,  Euthanasia,  Demonisation)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Doctrine or ideology driven ritual murder

Colin Ross asserts that human sacrifice was common in human history, especially child sacrifice and that not much has changed in the human mind in the modern age.

“While documentation of the widespread existence of Satanic human sacrifice cults is lacking, evidence of other forms of systematic human sacrifice is available. Two examples in modern history are the Catholic Inquisition, a human sacrifice cult of a religious-theological nature, and the Third Reich, a human sacrifice cult of a military-political nature. (In calling the Inquisition and the Third Reich cults, I am using the word in a broad, informal, and unscholarly sense, to mean an organized group driven by a well-elaborated theological doctrine, which for the Nazis was Aryan racial mysticism.) The fact that the Catholic Inquisition and the Third Reich were both run by middle-class, Caucasian, educated individuals from Judaeo-Christian cultures suggests that it is psychologically possible for ordinary middle-class citizens to be perpetrating such crimes in North America today, especially given the high level of violence in contemporary Western societies.”
Colin Ross (1995)  [1]


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