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Formation28 December 1940
Founder• John D. Rockefeller III
• Nelson Rockefeller
• Winthrop Rockefeller
• Laurance Rockefeller
• David Rockefeller
Leaders• Stephen Heintz
• Valerie Rockefeller
Interest ofRockefeller family
Member ofThe Hague Club
Sponsor ofSeventh Generation Advisors, Trag Foundation, Kosovo Glocal, Georgetown Climate Center, International Crisis Group, The Voices Project USA, The Syria Campaign, Asia Society, Stichting BankTrack, China Dialogue Trust, GreenFaith, Stichting Rights Defenders, European Middle East Project, Sustainable Markets Foundation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Fund for Global Human Rights, New Venture Fund, Atlantic Council, Tides Center, The Century Foundation, NEO Philanthropy, CoalSwarm, The Minneapolis Foundation, Voter Registration Project, Rocky Mountain Institute, Friends of Nature, European Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations Foundation, National Iranian American Council, The Aspen Institute, 2030, Lost Light Projects, Tides Foundation, Oil Change International, Stichting Transnational Institute, Centre for Democracy and Human Rights, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, World Wildlife Fund, NEO Philanthropy, New American Leaders Project, Journalism Development Network, Ploughshares Fund, Institute for European Affairs, Partners Albania for Change and Development, Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, Greenpeace, Amnesty International USA, Democracy Works, Council on Foreign Relations, International Federation for Human Rights, East West Center, Brookings Institution, European Leadership Network, Heinrich-Boll-Stiftung, The Balkan Forum, Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina, Human Rights First, Media Matters for America, Institute for War & Peace Reporting, International Rescue Committee, Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, Center for Global Development, Center for American Progress, Institute for Policy Studies, Equation Campaign, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, European Stability Initiative, Purpose
Sponsored byClimateWorks, Hewlett Foundation
Membership• Mark Adiedo
• Ayad Akhtar
• Elizabeth Campbell
• Judy Clark
• Ryan Crocker
• Miranda Kaiser
• Hugh Lawson
• Daniel Levy
• Heather McGhee
• Nancy Muirhead
• Jennifer Nolan
• Peter M. O'Neill
• Marnie Pillsbury
• Michael Quattrone
• Kavita Ramdas
• David Rockefeller Jr.
• Justin Rockefeller
• Wyatt Rockefeller
• Marsha Simms
• Geraldine Watson
Rockefeller family "philanthropic" fund. One of the CIA's favorite cut-outs during the Cold War.

Not to be confused with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Family Fund or the David Rockefeller Fund.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) is a foundation created and run by members of the Rockefeller family to purchase political influence. It was founded in New York City in 1940 as the primary philanthropic vehicle for the five third-generation Rockefeller brothers: John D. Rockefeller III, Nelson, Laurance, Winthrop and David.

It was one of the CIA's favorite cut-outs during the Cold War.[1]


The list of grants is only a small selection from several thousand grants[2]. Many of the grantees give further grants to smaller groups, making it hard to get full oversight of the money flow.

The focus areas seem to be supporting regime change (human rights) outfits against Iran, China, Western Balkans, Middle East, etc, plus financing a select controlled opposition in the United States.

The Rockefellers have been early and decisive in funding a large number of groups in the climate change movement.

The Special Studies Project

From 1956 to 1960, the Fund financed a study conceived by its then president, Nelson Rockefeller, to 'define the major problems and opportunities facing the U.S. and clarify national purposes and objectives, and to develop principles which could serve as the basis of future national policy'.[3]

Henry Kissinger, who was then on the faculty of Harvard University, was recruited to direct the project. He also brought on board such luminaries as Edward Teller, Charles Percy, Dean Rusk, John Gardner (president of the Carnegie Corporation) and Henry Luce, along with his brothers Laurance and John D. Rockefeller III.

Seven panels were constituted that looked at issues including military strategy, foreign policy, international economic strategy, governmental reorganization, and the nuclear arms race. Many of its major recommendations - principal among them a massive arms buildup to counter perceived Soviet military superiority - were adopted by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his State of the Union address in January, 1958.The findings of the project formed the framework of Nelson Rockefeller's 1960 presidential election platform.[3]


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Steven Clark RockefellerChair19982006


Known member

1 of the 20 of the members already have pages here:

Ryan CrockerUS diplomat who held a string of jobs as ambassador in the Middle East



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