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HeadquartersUtrecht, Netherlands
Member ofCentre for European Policy Studies/Corporate Members
Membership• Els de Groot
• Kirsten Konst
• Bart Leurs
• Mariëlle Lichtenberg
• Berry Marttin
• Janine Vos Ron Teerlink
• Marjan Trompetter
• Gert-Jan van den Akker
• Arian Kamp
• Jan Nooitgedagt
• Petri Hofsté
• Pascal Visée
• Annet Aris
• Herman Wijffels
• John MacGregor
• Lense Koopmans
• Antoon Vermeer
• Sjoerd Eisma
• Leo Berndsen
• Bernard Bijvoet
• Teun de Boon
• Louise Fresco
• Marinus Minderhoud
• Paul Overmars
• Herman Scheffer
• Martin Tielen
• Aad Veenman
• Cees Veerman
• Arnold Walravens

Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands. It is a global leader in food and agriculture financing and sustainability-oriented banking. The group comprises 89 local Dutch Rabobanks (2019), a central organisation (Rabobank Nederland), and many specialised international offices and subsidiaries. Food and agribusiness constitute the primary international focus of the Rabobank Group.[1] Rabobank is the second-largest bank in the Netherlands in terms of total assets.[2]

The organisation is among the 30 largest financial institutions in the world. As of December 2014, total assets amount to €681 billion.

Blocking funds to customers who spread conspiracy theories

In August 2021, Rabobank no longer accepts customers who spread "conspiracy theories and other proven disinformation". The bank does this not because conspiracy theorists are in any way breaking the law, but because the bank (interestingly a partner of the World Economic Forum[3]) sees their actions as "harmful". Money flows from this type of organization are additionally screened by banks based on the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act.[4]

The decision comes as a part of a general deep state offensive against COVID critics. Doctor Els van Veen responds: “There is a media offensive/information war going on against 'fake news'. And of course everything that does not fit into the government's corona street is fake.”[5]

A similar extrajudicial process is seen with the payment provider Paypal and in Germany, where independent media have been blocked from banking services.

Board Members

The board members list (above) is from the 2021 board[6], the 2008 board[7], and some others.


A 2013 scandal resulted in a $1 billion fine for unscrupulous trading practices, which included the manipulation of LIBOR currency rates worldwide. Chief Executive Piet Moerland resigned immediately as a result.[8]


Known members

3 of the 29 of the members already have pages here:

Louise FrescoDutch food scientist who sat on the board of Unilever when she attended the 2015 Bilderberg meeting. In 2020, appointed to World Health Organization Commission that called for a Pandemic Treaty and a One Health strategy to take control over human, animal and environmental health.
John MacGregorGiven responsibility for the privatisation of British Rail
Herman WijffelsDutch economist politician
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