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Person.png Ferdinand Grapperhaus  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(politician, civil servant, lawyer, professor, deep state operative?)
BornFerdinand Bernhard Joseph Grapperhaus
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Alma materUniversity of Amsterdam
PartyChristian Democratic Appeal
Viceroy of Amsterdam's financial district, Dutch Justice Minister, COVID-19 Dutch Head-coordinator.

Employment.png Netherlands/Minister of Justice and Security

In office
October 2017 - Present

Employment.png Part-time professor

In office
2005 - 2017
EmployerUniversity of Maastricht
Labour Law

Employment.png Partner

In office
1999 - 2015
EmployerAllen & Overy

Ferdinand (Ferd) Grapperhaus is the Dutch Minister for Justice and Security in the third cabinet of Mark Rutte, starting in 2017. Being called the "Viceroy of Amsterdam's financial district"[1], he was already known for cut-throat business-tactics, missing documents and "handling tough cases (cover-ups)" as a lawyer.

Early Career

Grapperhaus is named after his father, Ferd, who was State Secretary of Finance from 1967 to 1971[2]. He obtained an LLM degree in constitutional law in 1984 and a PhD degree in labor law in 1995. He was a columnist for the major newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad from 2014 to 2017.

First Term

During Grapperhaus his tenure, the name of his ministry was changed from "Ministry of Security and Justice" to "Ministry of Justice and Security", a move costing €2,000,000.[3]

"You know that country full of drugs, they're kingpin of the European drug market right? We're gonna use them in luring drug criminals. We didn't try that one before, right? It will work out."

Police State

Grapperhaus has overseen a continuation of Mark Rutte and the VVD's politics over which his ministry governs; using the non-existent (or very poor) numbers on solving cybercrime and the Dutch illegal drug trade as a scapegoat for more powers for the national police and the AIVD.[4] Former Director-General of the AIVD Dick Schoof is Secretary-General at his ministry. [5]

In 2019 he enacted a law allowing 19000 Dutch police agents non-lethal tasers. [6] In 2019 the AIVD and MIVD respectively were reported to have "used their powers unlawfully" regarding hacking individuals, including lawyers and journalists on behalf of foreign requests. They also "lied several times about what they had done precisely". In December 2019 he advocated for a "backdoor for intelligence agencies" to be required by EU-law, after a meeting with William Barr, receiving support from Interpol advocating for a start in chat-apps in current affairs program Nieuwsuur.[7]


Following a ban on Russian services in 2018 including Kaspersky, Grapperhaus "forgot and could not answer" if Kaspersky was not in use anymore at Dutch governmental infrastructure one year later.[8] He also opted against a ban on anonymous sim-cards for burner-phones which Dutch criminals use extensively for the illegal drug trade[9], and against a law that would make it mandatory for suspects of child-porn to decrypt their hard drives.[10]

Grapperhouse's department has used the atrocious numbers for stopping online-crime for mostly expanding the AIVD's powers. The solve-rate of those crimes was 6% in 2018.[11] During his tenure the Dutch have been called "champion wiretapping" by corporate media with 12000 instances of specific wire-tapping of individuals in just his 3 first years, with the ministry blaming "extremists" and "jihadists".[12]

War on Drugs

Grapperhaus enacted a new law where the closed Dutch coffee-shops could apply for growing cannabis in July of 2020.

The Guardian in 2018 reported that "The Netherlands is starting to resemble a narco-state with the police unable to combat the emergence of a parallel criminal economy, a report from the Dutch police association has warned".[13] Rutte called Amsterdam to be suffering from a "Moroccan-mafia problem" in 2019, with Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus and him "declaring war in a war on drugs" on drug criminals, criminalizing "18 and 19-year-olds using weed" along with "yoga-sniffing girls"[14], calling for an end to the Dutch tolerated drug policy.[15]

In 2020, a big hack of encrypted prepared chat between a secret satellite network of phones of the Amsterdam drug syndicates, the national police was revealed to have several moles active working close with criminals.[16]


Unknown to most Dutch nationals, he is officially the leading ministerial coordinator for the COVID-19 pandemic.

He is currently also responsible for the coordination of the Dutch National public health institutes, a vital organization that has massively influenced Mark Rutte's path in the COVID-19 shutdowns. Multiple health experts and the director of the Dutch municipal health services argued Grapperhaus and the fact he is the leading coordinator without clear communication lines or any standard briefings with the metropolitan health services is chaotic and has stimulated the poor response leading to the Covid-19 Pandemic.[17]

You'd be a loser if you would throw a party now - Grapperhaus 2020

In August 2020, similar to the scandal surrounding Dominic Cummings, Grapperhaus caused a public controversy when news media reported about the lack of social distancing at his own wedding amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands. He agreed to pay a 390 euro fine, after being initially shielded from further political sanctions by president Mark Rutte.[18][19]

Grapperhaus supported the emergency COVID-19-law that enabled the National Police to break into student homes with copied keys for suspicion of breaking quarantine-rules and noise complaints, something normally not allowed in Dutch law[20] and fined people with possible jail time up to 4 years (in extreme cases) for not wearing a mask in designated area's, something which was called "against the Dutch constitution as local county law cannot supersede the Dutch constitutional right on personal privacy" by several scholars.[21]

Several Dutch prolific lawyers and politicians called it bullocks that Grapperhaus was not fined immediately although students did get fined and received criminal records for picnicking even when forming the same bubble in an university dorm. Grapperhaus his ensemble was not fined at all after he ...took the blame for his wedding pictures, lawyers went as far as saying he was stimulating public riots and discourse surrounding the COVID-19/Lockdown calling for his resignment.[22] Grapperhaus kept defending the lockdown after his fine.

During the massive riots in the winter of 2021 over the first imposed curfew in the Netherlands since World War 2, Grapperhaus and Prime Minister Mark Rutte called the riots and the rioters "not having anything to do with Covid 19".[23]

Nitrogen Crisis

Grapperhaus was a leading "mediator" in the Dutch Nitrogen Crisis during the 2020s. Remarks made by Grapperhaus at a conference between farmers and activists made headlines when he admitted "getting emotional".

“(...) Load the cars of activists on a trailer and take them with you. We'll write down their plates and discover who they are this instant.”
Ferdinand Grapperhaus [24]

Activists are only there to break things and provocate.”
Ferdinand Grapperhaus [24]

Activists and extremists only provocate. I understand their emotion, but we need to make these individuals go away. Either behind bars, or else expel them from the country, or else fine them so many times that they'll only be able to be a paperboy.”
Ferdinand Grapperhaus [24]

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