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HeadquartersThe Hague, Netherlands
InterestsCounterterrorism, “War on Terror”
A think tank set up by Clingendael, the Netherlands/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Leiden University aiming to "instruct and organize counterterrorism plans".

The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism receives assistance from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Research findings

In 2013, a background note by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague conceded that, despite some important improvements in the gathering of empirical data: “A lack of research based on primary sources has been one of the major impediments to progress in the field of (counter-) terrorism studies… As numerous leading experts have warned, the consequences of an overreliance on secondary sources of information, such as newspapers, has led to a great amount of theorising based on a perilously small empirical foundation.”[1]

In 2014, Alex Schmid, a Visiting Research Fellow at the ICCT, published a research paper on "Islamist terrorism" that argued that the distinction between “violent extremism” and “non-violent extremism” is not a valid one.[2]


Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Secretary General of NATO, was an "adviser"[citation needed] of the ICCT. As of 2020 he was listed on their website.[3]


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