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Employment.png Netherlands/Defence Minister 
(Defence Minister)

A post in Dutch government that has become the face of puppet leaders since World War 2.

The Dutch Defence Minister has tended to be a Bilderberger. So far 1 Dutch Defence Ministers have visited the Bilderberg at least once:

 Bilderberg meetingsDescription
Johannes Meynen8Bilderberg Steering committee, Netherlands Defence Minister


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Henk Vredeling11 May 197331 December 1976
Johannes Meynen25 June 19453 July 1946Bilderberg Steering committee


Related Quotations

Henk Vredeling“Congresses don't buy jet-fighters”Henk Vredeling1975
Henk Vredeling“I'm also a little bit against the NATO in the way that it's a fremdkörper. It's de facto America. We should view cases more independently.”Henk Vredeling1985