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The largest financial institutions effectively awarded themselves billions of dollars of "bailouts", after putting out the story that they were "too big to fail".
In 2009, the audacious daylight robbery of the 2008 TARP was repeated as financiers worldwide repeated the move, looting trillions of dollars from the general public.

In 2009 the dogma of the "too big to fail" financial institutions was widely promulgated by the commercially-controlled media, as top executives were rewarded at taxpayers' expense for their losing speculations. This increased the size of the those financial institutions in proportion to their leverage over national governments. Smaller institutions, the productive sector of the economy and ordinary citizens fond themselves under increasing financial pressure as the windfall profits given to the largest banks decreased the effective value of their assets.

"Global Financial Crisis"

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In 2008 the US government passed the Troubled Asset Relief Program. In 2009, this was repeatedly amended. In other countries, the largest financial institutions carried out similar thinly veiled thefts from the public purse. In UK, the Bank of England carried out "Quantitative easing". These measures were taken in spite of over 99% of the calls from the public being against them.[citation needed]

Bilderberg Exposure

Full article: Bilderberg/Exposure

In 2009, the Guardian published an article by Charlie Skelton entitled Our man at Bilderberg: in pursuit of the world's most powerful cabal in which he wrote that "a handful of people are saying, this weekend is Bilderberg".[1] This was the beginning of the end for Bilderberg's secrecy since this was to be the first of annual articles for the Guardian, and other UK commercially-controlled media outlets sent reporters to 2010 Bilderberg.

9-11 related suspicious deaths

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2009 saw (at least) three suspicious deaths related to 9-11:


A victim of 2009 on Wikispooks

David WherleyOn 9/11 Wherley ordered his pilots, who did not launch until after the Pentagon attack, to operate weapons free, meaning that they were permitted to shoot at will.


Saville Inquiry1998 - 24 March 2010
Al-Salam weapons deal21 December 2005 - 2017
Gaza War (2008–09)27 December 2008 - 18 January 2009
Operation Nicole2009 - Present
Colgan Air Flight 340712 February 2009
Bilderberg/200914 May 2009 - 17 May 2009
June 2009 Washington Metro train collision22 June 2009
Le Cercle/2009 (Washington)19 November 2009 - 22 November 2009
Iraq Inquiry24 November 2009 - 6 July 2016
Underwear bombing25 December 2009

New Groups

Scottish Defence LeagueScottish Defence League.jpg2009 - PresentFar-rightAn offshoot of the English Defence League.
International Free Press SocietyGroup.png1 January 2009 - PresentLobby
President's Council on Jobs and CompetitivenessGroup.png6 February 2009 - 17 January 2012
Orbis Business IntelligenceCropped-orbis large logo.jpg16 March 2009 - Present
Scottish Preventing Violent Extremism UnitGroup.pngJuly 2009 - PresentPolice
Centre for Social Justice Scotland LimitedGroup.png2 July 2009 - 22 January 2010
Center for Afghanistan Pakistan ExcellenceGroup.pngAugust 2009 - Present
Institute for StatecraftInstitute for Statecraft logo.png24 September 2009 - PresentThe UK MoD/FCO funded group that ran the ironically named Integrity Initiative, exposed in 2018 by 'Anonymous'.

New Websites

Washington's BlogWashingtons blog.jpg2009 - Presenthttp://www.washingtonsblog.com
Public IntelligenceWebsite.png2009 - Presenthttps://publicintelligence.netA leak site which has provided a large number of apparently genuine documents about operations of the deep state, notably reports from the Bilderberg group.
Ethnopolitics OnlineEthnopoliticsOnline.gif2009 - Presenthttp://EthnopoliticsOnline.comRussian language website
Inconvenient HistoryInconvenietHistory.png26 March 2009 - Presenthttp://inconvenienthistory.com/index.phpA repository of scholarly works of historical revisionism - especially regarding World War II
Mideast ShuffleMeshuffle.pngJune 2009 - Presenthttp://mideastshuffle.com/Owner commentary on mainly Middle-Eastern affairs
Boiling Frogs PostBoiling Frogs Post.jpgSeptember 2009 - Presenthttp://www.boilingfrogspost.comA partly free, partly pay for access website which takes a firmly establishment sceptic line. It has a variety of contributors and was set up by whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

Groups that were Wound Up

Financial Stability ForumGroup.png1999 - 2009
BoycottThePost.orgGroup.png2002 - 2009Lobby



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