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A section of the cocaine laden Gulfstream II jet which crashed in Mexico

In 2007 the Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash continued to add to the evidence of CIA Drug Trafficking, which continued to be avoided by the commercially-controlled media. They also more or less eschewed the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission which found variuos members of the US administration guilty of war crimes in relation to the unprovoked attack on Iraq.

Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash

Full article: Rated 5/5 2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash

A US-registered luxury jet, a Gulfstream II (tailnumber N987SA) crashed into the jungle in Mexico’s Yucatan carrying an uncertain number of tons of cocaine. Daniel Hopsicker dubbed this 'Cocaine 2'[1] as it happened the year after the Mexico DC-9 drug bust which he dubbed 'Cocaine 1'. The plane had previously been used by the CIA for "rendition", but they claim that documents prove that after owning it for nearly a decade, they sold it on and that it changed hands at two or three times in the weeks leading up to the crash...



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New Groups

Center for Threat AwarenessGroup.png2007 - PresentCharity
National Protection and Programs DirectorateGroup.png2007 - Present
Stop Islamisation of EuropeSIOE LOGO.jpg2007 - Present
AvaazAvaaz Logo en.pngJanuary 2007 - Present
Press TVPressTV.png2 July 2007 - PresentCorporate media
United States Africa CommandOfficial AFRICOM Seal.png1 October 2007 - PresentMilitary

New Websites

Bella CaledoniaBella Caledonia.jpeg2007 - Presenthttp://bellacaledonia.org.uk/
Réalité EUWebsite.png2007 - Presenthttp://realite-eu.org
The Corbett ReportThe Corbett Report.jpg2007 - Presenthttp://www.CorbettReport.comNamed as an outlet of Fake News
Human Beings FirstWebsite.pngFebruary 2007 - Presenthttp://humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/
Activist Teacher BlogWebsite.pngFebruary 2007 - Presenthttp://activistteacher.blogspot.comArticles and entries about activist teaching and radical pedagogy, edited by Denis G. Rancourt.
Vineyard of the SakerSakerLogo.jpg19 May 2007 - Presenthttp://vineyardsaker.blogspot.co.uk/Geo-political analysis demonstrating particular expertise on Russia and the Middle East

Groups that were Wound Up

CChangeGroup.png10 August 2001 - 15 May 2007
Cambridge Security ProgrammeGroup.png2002 - December 2007