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Date2014 - 2019

Summarized under Elsagate are Youtube videos that are geared towards children, which depict violence (Child abuse), sexual situations, fetishes, drugs, alcohol, injections, toilet humor, and dangerous or upsetting situations and activities [1] , which reflect psychopathic and pedophile traits.


These videos, by 2017, were distributed by a significant number of channels and were displayed as proposals at random by the Youtube system when the user was watching content like cartoons, so much so that there were only few, or no other videos beside those centered on Elsagate content in the recommendation list that Youtube displays beside all videos. This circumstance could suggest that Elsagate videos were part of a social experiment, like some that have been admitted on Facebook, so Youtube adjusted the algorithm to to achieve a massive view count.

Actions taken by Youtube in 2019

A Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into the handling Youtubes's use of data from children under 13 years old and subsequent monetary penalization did bring changes that are aimed at preventing similar circumstances in the future and could well be part of the settlement with the FTC.[2][3]


Since many videos/channels of that nature had millions of views and were at the time "advertiser friendly", thus being monetized, for which Youtube has a system in place that can check and decide on a case by case basis down to a single video,[4] the administration at the very least must have been aware of this content being hosted on the platform.

Banning in other countries

The highly probable damaging effects to children have been recognized in China, where these videos have been banned.[5][6][7][8] The commercially-controlled media in the US did pick up on the topic relatively fast, at least since March 2018.[9]


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