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Concept.png "Counter-extremism"
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Like "counter-terrorism", supposedly a force to counter "extremism". In practice, such efforts deserve closer scrutiny, not least because of the plastic nature of the word "extremism".

"Counter-extremism", is a hero image, the opposite of that enemy image "extremism". It is a part of the "War on Terror", and the phrase appears to be a more modern alternative to "counter-terrorism", perhaps one that seems less explicitly disproportionate as a response to non-violent opposition.


Full article: CONTEST/Prevent

In 2003 the UK Home Office announced a program entitled "Preventing violent extremism" which was widely criticised for both its mass surveillance and Islamophobic components. It was later shortened to "Prevent".



Google trends data indicates that "counter-extremism" was launched by the commercially-controlled media in 2012.


UK Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan stated that her department would expand the role of "counter-extremism" in schools, and that "We will not tolerate extremism of any kind".[1]


An example

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Commission for Countering ExtremismA "counter-extremism" group set up after the 2017 Manchester bombing.


Related Quotation

Peter Neumann“No one I know has done more on the ground with practical experience countering violent extremism than Hanif Qadir. His experience and expertise is something we can all learn from. For anyone interested in counter-extremism, his book is an absolute must read.”Peter Neumann


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A brief introduction of this piece of Orwellian language.
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