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Place.png New Jersey
(US State)
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New Jersey is a state in the North East USA.

Banning books

In August 2019, New Jersey banned the book The New Jim Crow in two prisons. The ACLU challenged this.[1]



9-11/George Washington Bridge plotThe FBI arrested at least one van of men (two or three) which was found to contain tons of explosives. This was announced on the day, two conflicting reports, but later retracted. No alternative explanation is known to have been given.
Bilderberg/1978The 26th Bilderberg, held in the US


Groups Headquartered Here

Cornell Law School
Drew UniversityTraditionally tied to Methodism; also noted for its strong ties to South-Korean Methodism.
Genie Energy31 October 2011
Honeywellmilitary-industrial complex stalwart
Johnson & Johnson1886
Merck1917Big pharma with a long rap sheet of unethical practices
Princeton University
Rutgers University1766The first US university to announce it would discriminate against students who had not received a COVID-19 vaccination.
Stratesec1987September 2013A "security company" which did unspecified security work on the World Trade Center from 1993-2001 and which numbered Marvin Bush amongst its directors.
The College of New Jersey1855New Jersey college with emphasis placed on liberal arts
William Paterson University1855