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Interest ofSocial Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis
Sponsored byDemocracy Fund, Google News Initiative
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The Credibility Coalition is a clearing house "centering around credibility standards in order to support cooperative solutions that involve technologists, industry and institutions"[1]. The "credibility" suffers somewhat by having a very murky website.

The project aims at producing "consensus technical standards for exchanging credibility-related data on the web", i.e. that all the myriad of fact-checkers (handy list on their site[2]) can put their ratings into the same system, for "empowering users" (which means social media corporations and AI initiatives) about articles credibility, "to better assess the credibility of what they see on the web,"[3][4] and of course to "deter funding from misinformation"[5]


To make sure articles will have no political impact, the Coalition wishes to include "tone" in the rating of facts, where "articles that contain exaggerated claims or emotionally charged sections, especially with expressions of contempt, outrage, spite, or disgust,"[6] will suffer.

The founders are two organizations, Hacks/Hackers and Meedan. It is has received generous grants[7] by amongst others Twitter, the Facebook Journalism Project, Newton & Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust, Google'sDigital News Initiative,Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Knight Foundation and Mozilla Foundation.

The Coalition was created at first MisinfoCon in early 2017, held at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard and the MIT Media Lab. Its members come from a wide variety of disciplines, from data science to media research to sociology, who join weekly calls, conversations and occasional in-person workshops and discussions. They come from the following organizations: AAAS, AppNexus, Associated Press, the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, Climate Feedback,Data & Society, Data for Democracy, Factmata, Global Voices, GoodlyLabs, Hypothesis, Snopes, the New York Times, MIT CSAIL and the University of Michigan’s Center for Social Media Responsibility.[8]



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