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Typenation state
SubpageGeorgia/Minister of Foreign Affairs
Georgia/Prime Minister
A former part of the USSR.

Not to be confused with Georgia (State).

Georgia is a nation state in central Asia.


Formerly a part of the USSR.


"A US-funded biomedical laboratory in Georgia may have conducted bioweapons research under the guise of a drug test, which claimed the lives of at least 73 subjects, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement."[1]

Public opinion

An Integrity Initiative internal document reported that

“Conspiracy theories are also widespread. For example, a prominent narrative has been that the Lugar Center, a biological research laboratory in Tbilisi built with US assistance, is developing viruses to destroy Georgian genes.”
 (June 2018) [citation needed]


Ambassadors to Georgia

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Georgia
US/Ambassador to Georgia23 April 1992



A World in Flux: The Future of Democracy Europe and the Middle East



A Group Headquartered Here
Tbilisi State University


Citizens of Georgia on Wikispooks

Tedo Japaridze18 September 1946Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs who inadvertently exposed Le Cercle by mentioning it on his online biography.
Josef Stalin18 December 18785 March 1953
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