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Headquarters 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF
Leader Home Secretary
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Incumbent: Amber Rudd
Since 13 July 2016
Subgroups • HM Passport Office
• HM Inspectorate of Constabulary
• Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration
• Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
• Animals in Science Committee
• Border Force
• Disclosure and Barring Service
• Gangmasters Licensing Authority
• Independent Police Complaints Commission
• Investigatory Powers Tribunal
• Migration Advisory Committee
• National Crime Agency
• National DNA Database Ethics Group
• Office of Surveillance Commissioners
• Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner
• Police Advisory Board
• Police Negotiating Board
• Police Arbitration Tribunal
• Police Discipline Appeals Tribunal
• Serious Fraud Office
• Security Industry Authority
• Technical Advisory Board
• UK Visas and Immigration
• Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism
SubpageHome Office/Investigatory Powers Unit
The UK governmental department that is responsible for policy issues surrounding immigration, passports, drugs, crime, the police and "counter-terrorism".

The Home Office is a UK government department that has two main sister departments that are involved in work surrounding immigration, passports and "counter-terrorism". These are: the Identity and Passport Service and the UK Border Agency.


The Home Office states that its aims and objectives are based on seven key issues:[1]

  • Help people feel safer in their homes and local communities
  • Support visible, responsive and accountable policing
  • Protect the public from terrorist attack
  • Cut crime, especially violent, drug and alcohol-related crime
  • Strengthen our borders, fast track asylum decisions, ensure and enforce compliance with our immigration laws, and boost Britain's economy
  • Safeguard people's identity and the privileges of citizenship
  • Work with our partners to build an efficient, effective and proportionate criminal justice system


  1. Our Objectives and Values, The Home Office - accessed: 11 October 2009
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