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Blog of Vera Graziadei

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"I'm a British Ukrainian Russian actress and writer."
Started: 2014-06
Founder: Vera Graziadei

Founder/Owner: Vera Graziadei
In its own words:
"Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. I’m sad that I have started writing it through pain and tears for East Ukrainian people and I hope that one day there will be something to smile about. For now my conscience demands that I use all the skills and knowledge I have, as well as memories of growing up in Donbas and my intimate knowledge of it’s unique history and culture, to try and outline the unique position that an educated East Ukrainian might have in the Ukrainian conflict. I’m not anti-American or pro-Putin. I’m anti-violence and war, and I’m pro-dialogue, referendum, mutual respect and understanding between Euromaidan and anti-Maidan sides.

Before going into acting, I achieved a degree in Philosophy and Economics and a Masters in Philosophy and Public Policy (Thesis: Social Capital and Critique of the World Bank’s Development Report) from London School of Economics. I continued studying Philosophy, while working as an actress, focusing on Existentialism, and completed a foundation course in Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis. My other passions are Comedy and Literature (esp. Russian classics)."


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Document:Emperor Obama's Old-New clothes and the US energy wararticleGlobalisation
2014 Ukraine coup
2 October 2014Vera GraziadeiThe Ukraine imbroglio is a 100% US engineered event aimed at isolating Europe from Russia and developing US business interests in alternative energy supplies for both Ukraine and Europe