2014 Ukraine coup/Odessa massacre

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2014 Ukraine coup/Odessa massacre(False flag,  Massacre) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date2 May 2014
LocationTrade Union Building,  Odessa,  Ukraine
PerpetratorsUkraine coup 2014
DescriptionEvents in Odessa culminating in the deaths of 48 (official narrative) and up to 120 (evidence-based alternative narrative) anti-Kiev Junta demonstrators by fire, gun-shots and beatings in and around the Odessa Trade Union building on 2 May 2014

The Odessa massacre was the killing of between 50 and 120 people by fire, gun-shots and beatings in the afternoon and evening of 2 May 2014. Those who died were overwhelmingly people (including women, at least one child and the unborn child of a heavily pregnant woman strangled inside the building with electric flex) who had not taken part in any demonstration that day other than peacefully occupying three large tents in an encampment outside the Odessa Trade Union House throughout the preceding month. They fled and were herded into the Trade Union Building to escape a large angry mob of alleged football supporters who had earlier been attacked and goaded by a police-organised, briefed and tightly co-ordinated group of armed, red arm-banded men wearing St George insignia and chanting anti-Kiev junta slogans - in other words posing as pro-Russians intending to deliberately inflame a very large group of angry young men and herd them towards the defenseless encampment in front of Trade Union House.

Police-coordinated false flag event

Events leading to the Odessa massacre on 2 May 2014

The events of 2 May 2014 in Odessa were a text-book pre-planned false-flag operation. There is overwhelming evidence that Odessa Deputy Police Chief, Colonel Dmitry Fucheji was at the heart of its organisation and execution. On 3 May 2014, he was required to report to Kiev on his handling of events and has subsequently disappeared. He has been declared a wanted man by the Kiev Junta who claim to be investigating the massacre and events leading up to it. Former acting interior minister, Arsen Avakov reports that Fuchejei has fled the country, probably to Transnistria. [1]

Compilation video of events leading up to the massacre

To appreciate full implications of the content of this video requires more than one viewing and many pauses in order to understand the dispositions and actions of the groups involved.

The most important visual and subtitled commentary to note are those concerning the people wearing red scotch-tape armbands who clearly formed a discrete and coherent set of individuals co-operating in a well understood plan in both the police and "protestor" groupings. There is sufficient evidence in the video to conclude, beyond reasonable doubt, that the entire confrontation up to and including the massacre itself was a meticulously pre-planned false flag operation designed at once to cause maximum casualties among the genuine anti-Maidan protestors and to put the blame for the violence squarely on them.

It is a text-book example of the herding and manipulation of angry young men for nefarious purposes.

Official involvement in the massacre admited by Kiev Prosecutor General

Kiev Prosecutor General Oleh Makhnitsky reported the following on Wednesday 7 May 2005:

This action was not prepared at some internal level, it was a well-planned and coordinated action in which some authorities’ representatives have taken part. [2]

Makhnitsky promised to reveal the names of those who took part in the tragedy.

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