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International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date8 November 1994 - 31 December 2016
LocationArusha,  Tanzania
Christopher Black: The Criminalisation of International Justice

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) was an international court established in November 1994 by the United Nations Security Council in Resolution 955 in order to judge people responsible for the Rwandan genocide and other serious violations of international law in Rwanda, or by Rwandan citizens in nearby states, between 1 January and 31 December 1994.[1]

The ICTR eventually convicted 85 individuals at a cost of $1.3 billion. The tribunal's failure to prosecute war crimes committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front or to try RPF leader Paul Kagame was widely criticised, to the point of being characterised as "victor's justice".[2]

French investigation

In October 2006, The New York Times reported:

A French judge is seeking to bring the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, before a UN tribunal for allegedly masterminding a plane crash that killed the country's former president and triggered the 1994 genocide, a judicial source said Tuesday.

The move is likely to strain already tense relations between Paris and Kigali as rival investigations into the mass slaughter of the Tutsi minority in Rwanda continue in both capitals. Last month, a Rwandan inquiry into France's role in the genocide opened in Kigali.

The French judge heading the eight- year investigation into the plane crash, Jean-Louis Bruguière, was expected to sign international arrest warrants for nine officials close to Paul Kagame as early as Wednesday, including one for the chief of staff of the Rwandan Army.

As head of state Kagame enjoys immunity in France but he could face trial if the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania, took on his case. Bruguière, a senior anti-terrorism judge, is planning to write to the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, by the end of the month to pave the way for such a request, said the source, who declined to be identified because the case is continuing.[3]


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