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The Microsoft search engine

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Started: June 3, 2009

Owner: Microsoft
Constitutes: search engine

Bing is a search engine from Microsoft.

Lack of subject-specific blocking

As of January 2018, Bing did not appear to be blocking ISGP for the search term "Dutroux affair", presenting an ISGP page as the #2 hit on this search term.[1] By contrast, neither Google not StartPage returned any hits from the ISGP site in their top 100.

Wikispooks was #1 for the search term "7th floor group" in January 2018[2] (as it was for[3], Ecosia,[4] Yandex[5] and Yahoo)[6], in contrast to DuckDuckGo, which listed it at #30,[7] and Baidu, which didn't include the site in the top #30.

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