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An individual or group trusted to investigate the truth of news. In practice, professional fact checkers test whether news conforms to their employers' opinions.

"Fact checkers" do what the commercially-controlled media refer to as "fact checking". The process is designed to remove any evidence which disagrees with the official narratives of those who organise the checking.

Official narrative

In pre-internet days, a small number of journalists produced the news and their work had to pass the scrutiny of experienced and wise editors, so while occasional mistakes were made, news production was more or less reliable because those involved were rewarded for objective reporting.

The internet upset this status quo, by allowing anyone to publish news — resuling in a surfeit of socially divisive "fake news". Because social media allows people to send any stories to their friends, there is a proliferation of clickbait (deliberately shocking falsehoods) instead of reliable news. People have become confused and so less and less able to discern truth from lies, so they need professional "fact checkers" to help verify stories for them.


The purported need for "fact checkers" is part of the ill-fated "fake news website" project that aimed to try to reverse decreasing trust in commercially-controlled media.


Who shall "fact check" the "fact checkers"? In practice, the commercially-controlled media rely on a narrowly selected group of institutions as "fact checkers", all of which are funded by the establishment and are de facto committed to supporting it.

Professional competence & impartiality?

The case for professional "fact checkers" rest on the assumptions that:

  1. Non-professionals are unable (or unwilling) to check facts for themselves; &
  2. Professional "fact checkers" will be more impartial and more accurate at discerning truth from falsehood

In research has "found that in the majority of cases, the fact-checkers are just as subject to bias as the news they evaluate.".[1]


The deception by corporate media is often not by incorrect facts, but by more subtle means such as misleading interpretations, biased language or selective omission of relevant facts.

Artificial intelligence

Full article: Artificial intelligence

Currently, professional fact checkers can only check a tiny proportion of news output, so software is used to flag up particular stories (or authors) for them to look at.

Various efforts have been made to replace human "fact checkers" process, but as of 2019, the fundamental obstacle that computers cannot reliably parse English (or other human languages) remains insurmountable, rendering automated "fact checking" inherently fallible.



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