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LocationSouth America
LeaderPresident of Brazil
Typenation state
Member ofG-20
SubpageBrazil/1964 coup d'état
Brazil/Minister for Health
Brazil/Minister of Justice
Brazil/Vice President
Very large and not particularly populous country which has made a priority of biofuels.

For the 1985 dystopian film entitled Brazil, see Brazil (film).

Brazil is the largest nation state in South America. In 2013, it was #10 in the world in terms of military expenditure.[1]

2016 Olympics

On 21 July 2016, Brazil arrested 10 people "suspected of belonging to a poorly organized group supporting Islamic State".[2]

Brazil "plans to deploy about 85,000 soldiers, police and other security personnel during the Rio Games, more than twice as many in place for the London Olympics in 2012."[2]


Ambassadors to Brazil

Nation stateStartDescription
Ambassador to Brazil
South Africa/Ambassador to Brazil
US/Ambassador to Brazil29 October 1825


Groups Headquartered Here

A Group Headquartered HereDescription
Central Bank of Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of São PauloOne of the largest and most prestigious universities of Brazil.
University of BrasíliaSince 1962 UnB has played an important role both nationally and regionally in terms of teaching and research excellence
University of São Paulo
World Social Forum


Citizens of Brazil on Wikispooks

Jair Bolsonaro21 March 1955President of Brazil who publicly refused a COVID-19 vaccine and suggested that the virus may have been intentionally created and released.
Luciana BorioCFR, Biodefense expert, named to Biden's Covid Task force
Pepe Escobar1954Highly recommended independent geopolitical journalist.
Ilan Goldfajn12 March 1966
Antonio Sanchez de Larragoiti
Paulo Malhães17 April 193825 April 2014Admitted torturing and murdering dissidents
Luiz Henrique Mandetta30 November 1964Brazilian Health minister sacked after criticising the COVID-19 Lockdown
Inês Etienne Romeu18 December 194227 April 2015She is believed to have been the only captive to survive detention in a Brazilian torture centre known as the Casa da Morta, "the house of death"
Edmond Safra6 August 19323 December 1999Billionaire banker who died in a suspicious fire in Monaco
José Graziano da Silva
Achim Steiner17 May 1961


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