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Formation12 December 2012
Founder• Alexander Benedict Lowry Martin
• Andrew James Rathmell
Extinction14 March 2019
Membership• Amil Khan
• Alexander Benedict Lowry Martin
• Andrew James Rathmell
• Matthew John Waterfield
Now defunct following allegations of "gross financial mismanagement"

Aktis Strategy was private limited company that was set up in 2012 by two UK diplomats, Alexander Martin and Andrew Rathmell. Integrity Initiative Leak #7 revealed that it was part of an alliance of groups that put in a joint bid for almost £10M of UKFCO money.


“Aktis Strategy, a major contractor for the United Kingdom's Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom (FCO) went into bankruptcy on March 14 leaving behind a trail of unfinished projects in Somaliland and around the world.

British media’s extensive coverage of Aktis Strategy’s spectacular implosion included gross financial mismanagement and £100,000 lavish parties complete with ladies swinging from poles.

Aktis Strategy has been established by two former British Diplomats, Dr Andrew Rathmell and Alex Martin, who knew their way around the Foreign Office and how and where it spent the money.”
 (23 April 2019)  [1]


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Zinc Network“Bringing together organisations including Zinc Network, the Institute for Statecraft, Aktis Strategy, Bellingcat, DFR Lab, the Media Diversity Institute, Toro Risk Solutions and Ecorys, our Consortium combines recognised market leaders in understanding, monitoring, and countering Kremlin-backed disinformation... This ecosystem of credible voices will continue to grow, exposing the actors and networks behind Kremlin-backed disinformation, reducing unwitting multipliers of disinformation, and building resilience amongst key target audiences across Europe.

We will mobilise a Network Hub based in London, led by an experienced Project Director, consisting of an agile team with core competencies augmented by a wider pool of vetted experts. Our approach is highly localised, based around regional clusters of actors who can collaborate to effectively undermine the disinformation

ecosystem in their respective areas and engage audiences most vulnerable to disinformation... It is a highly complex project involving coordination of many independent actors, and thus risk must be carefully managed and risk profiles constantly adapted, serving as the basis for all activity. The approach we propose is based on the identification, monitoring and management of risks as they materialise, allowing members to continue taking smart risks as they increase the scale and impact of their activities.”


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Amil KhanBehavioural Communications ExpertJuly 2017


Known member

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Amil KhanSecurity cleared Chatham House fellow who was proposed to be one of the 3 directors of the EXPOSE Network (together with Chris Donnelly of the Institute for Statecraft and Louis Brooke of the Zinc Network
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