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Concept.png Biological weapon 
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Interest of• Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
• George C. Marshall Institute
• Steven J. Hatfill
• Bruce Ivins
• Project MKNAOMI
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Research into biological weapons is allowed for defensive purposes. In practice, this is difficult or impossible to differentiate from offfensive research.


An example

Page nameDescription
2001 Anthrax attacksA week after 9/11, weaponised anthrax spores was sent from a US lab to media offices and to two U.S. Senators who were obstructing the rollback of civil liberties. A $100M FBI investigation concluded that posthumously blamed a "lone nut" researcher. In 2015, the FBI head of the investigation sued the US Attorney General alleging that exculpating evidence had been withheld.


Related Document

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Operation Black Dogarticle2000David GuyattThe story of a US covert, airborne biological weapons attack on Iraq during the first US-Iraq war of 1990


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