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Tony Gauci
Barry JenningsA key 9/11 witness whose testimony contradicted the 9/11 report. He was reported dead without further explanation, aged 53. No death certificate is available on the internet, the cause of death is unknown & his entire family went missing without explanation at the same time.
Loyd JowersConfessed on TV to involvement in the assassination of Martin Luther King, and was subsequently found guilty of involvement in a conspiracy to kill him.
Ray ManlyHeathrow airport security guard & disregarded defence witness at Megrahi's 2002 appeal
Kymberley SuchomelA witness to the 2017 Las Vegas shooting and described more than one shooter firing into the crowd. Died about a week later. Reason unknown.


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File:USDOJ - Eyewitness Evidence - A Guide For Law Enforcement.pdfguidebookOctober 1999Janet Reno
Raymond Fisher
Laurie Robinson
Noel Brennan
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Richard M. Rau
DOJ Guidelines on Eye Witness testimony


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José Sanjenís Perdomo


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