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Event.png A Spreading Plague(“Pandemic/Preparation”,  Civil unrest/Preparation,  mid-level deep event,  planning exercise) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date14 February 2019
Location2019 Munich Security Conference,  Munich,  Germany
ParticipantsElhadj As Sy, Gro Harlem Brundtland (remarks delivered in absentia), Sibylle Bauer, Stephen Cornish, Chris Elias, Tim Evans, Jeremy Farrar, Jean-Marie Guéhenno, John Holmes (British diplomat), Jeremy Jurgens, Angela Kane, Boon Hui Khoo, Won-soo Kim, Jane Holl Lute, Ernest J. Moniz, Sam Nunn, Heiko Rottmann-Grossner, Ahmet Üzümc, Kevin O’Prey, Beth Cameron, Rebecca Katz, Jeremy Konyndyk, Michelle Nalabandian
PerpetratorsGeorgetown University Medical Center, Open Philanthropy Project, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Center for Global Development, Global Affairs Canada
DescriptionTabletop simulation of a global biological warfare attack predicting an apocalyptic outcome. Included several senior pandemic planners. Held February 2019.

A Spreading Plague was a pandemic planning exercise held in 2019 with senior leaders from around the world simulating "command, control, and coordination of an international response to an unusual and rapidly spreading biological event."[1]

The exercise, one of many in an intensifying schedule of pandemic exercises at the end of the decade, helped establish a personal connection between health bureaucrats and people central on the global pandemic circuit from the big foundations and the US biosecurity state, people like Chris Elias (Gates Foundation), Jeremy Jurgens (World Economic Forum), Tim Evans, Jeremy Farrar (Wellcome Trust) or Beth Cameron.[2]

A recommendation was that countries should "prioritize financing for biosecurity and other security sector-related targets....a multi-sectoral process that includes the private sector," where in 2019 and 2020 "international organizations, including the WHO, UNODA, and the World Economic Forum, should convene private sector companies to strengthen the capability of companies to provide assets to assist with international response for deliberate biological attacks" and what they call "other high-consequence biological events".

The main focus of the exercise was a process for assigning blame for biological events. The scenario and solutions had similarities to Syria.

The exercise was led by the Nuclear Threat Initiative, the Center for Global Development and the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University, with support from Talus Analytics.[3] It was funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada's Weapons Threat Reduction Program (WTRP) and Open Philanthropy.[4]


The fictitious scenario begins in winter 2018 as an emergency meeting is called by the WHO Director General in response to a request for assistance from the nation of Vestia, a country embroiled in civil unrest whose UN-recognized government relies on an international military coalition to cope with an ongoing, but nearly extinguished, insurgency. Vestia’s leaders are dealing with an unusual outbreak in an area of the country recently vacated by a terrorist organization. People are complaining of flu-like symptoms—and they are dying fast, with a case fatality rate of 80 percent. The disease appears to be pneumonic plague, and the antibiotics typically used to treat plague aren’t working.

Although the Vestia scenario was developed to exercise response to the deliberate use of a biological agent, "much of what transpired also would apply to other high-consequence, unusual, or potentially globally catastrophic biological scenarios".

As the scenario progresses, the agent is sequenced and found to be genetically engineered and antibiotic resistant. The scenario ends with a terrorist group claiming responsibility and intelligence reports linking that group to a potential state sponsor (the country Carta, with similarities[5] to Iran).

The exercise is highly relevant for the COVID-19 reaction how the some deep state actors might have set the stage for blaming China and the Wuhan laboratory.

Video made for the exercise

Similarities to Syria

The similarities to what happened in Syria are noticeable - and acknowledged - in the scenario, where false flag chemical attacks, (Ghouta, Douma and other) by Western proxy armies set the stage for a deeply biased investigation by the OPCW, a blaming of the Syrian government and following air strikes.

The exercise participants "discussed mechanisms for launching an attribution investigation for a deliberate biological event. In lieu of a specific organization tasked with conducting an attribution investigation, there is an urgent need for a trained global roster of experts available to respond to deliberate and other high-consequence biological events. A cadre of pre-designated, trained, and exercised experts to perform fact-finding investigations is necessary". The UNSG, in coordination with UNODA, the WHO, and INTERPOL, should designate a specific, trusted laboratory network responsible for receiving evidence and samples related to an attribution investigation for a deliberate biological event, as well as determining chain of custody."

In the scenario, the attribution investigators are invited in by the government, "the Prime Minister of Vestia asks the United Nations Secretary-General for an investigation into alleged use of a biological weapon" - similar to the invitation from the Syrian government for chemical weapons. But it worth remembering that in Syria, the integrity of the investigation, the laboratories, the chain of custody and the international organizations were deeply compromised.


Known Participants

10 of the 23 of the participants already have pages here:

Gro Harlem BrundtlandDeep state/WHO connected Prime Minister/DG, concerned about "too much freedom of speech"
Beth CameronAmerican national security expert specializing in biosecurity, biodefense, and bioterrorism. Also participated in private pandemic exercises for Ted Turner's Nuclear Threat Initiative.
Chris EliasDoctor and Bill Gates protege, A Spreading Plague, Event 201
Tim EvansClose to a number of Foundations, World Bank, WHO. Participated in at least two pandemic planning exercises in 2019: Event 201 and A Spreading Plague
Jeremy FarrarWellcome Trust/Director, took part in A Spreading Plague in 2019, assisted Daszak in promoting the zoonotic origin of COVID-19, 2021 Monkeypox Tabletop Exercise
Jean-Marie GuéhennoFrench globalist diplomat with many ties to the making of defense and security policies.
John Holmes (British diplomat)British diplomat. Board Member of the deep state Ditchley Foundation. Participated in the July 2019 pandemic exercise A Spreading Plague.
Rebecca KatzUS academic who took part in A Spreading Plague
Ernest MonizUS deep state operative who took place in multiple WEF "pandemic exercises", US Secretary of Energy 2013-17
Sam NunnUSDSO? Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative, 2 Bilderbergers, participated in both Operation Dark Winter & A Spreading Plague
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