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Concept.png Gunshot 
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A common death cause, especially in the US

Unwanted journalists, investigators and whistleblowers who are exposing what can not see the light of day are often enough killed and afterwards this is framed as a suicide. Of note is Mark Minnie, who was shot dead nine days after publishing a book about a 1980s VIPaedophile network involving members of the South African government. It was ruled a suicide, but he told people close to him that if anything like this happened, to treat it as murder. The death of Vince Foster is a well known suicide ruling that is widely not believed. Jennifer Jaynes an author whose plotlines included corruption inside the vaccine industry died of two gunshots to the head.

Multiple gunshot suicide

A direct shot in the head or heart is commonly understood to be immediately fatal. But one should consider that aiming in such a situation may not be very accurate and people who are shooting themself may survive one or more bullets; a suicide with 4 gunshots to the head has been reported.[1]

So if the information is given that somebody died by two gunshots to the head, then it is possible that it was a suicide; more information is needed to assess the situation; one should not assume that it is a murder.


In July 2020, CBS12 reported that a victim of a gunshot to the head in Florida was counted as a COVID-19 death.[2]


Gunshot victims on Wikispooks

Anis AmriSupposed perpetrator of the 2016 Berlin attack, termed "Not independently notable" by Wikipedia.
Galip BalkarAssassinated by Armenians while Turkish Ambassador to Yugoslavia
Eddy Benavides
Mārtiņš BunkusAssassinated lawyer who had worked on suspect financial institutions in Riga
Roland CarnabyA senior spook who was shot by a Houston police officer following a high speed motor car chase and died of his wounds.
Paul Castellano"The Howard Hughes of the Mob"
William CooperAnnounced around 10 weeks before 9/11 that "Whatever they're going to blame on Usama bin Laden - don't you believe it...They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple". He was killed by the US Marshals Service less than two months after the event.
Denis DonaldsonSinn Féin member exposed in December 2005 as an MI5 employee. Assassinated in 2006.
Klaus EberweinA Haitian government official and businessman who was found dead a week before he was due to testify before the Haitian Senate’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
Kathy FergusonCo-defendant in the Paula Jones law suit against Bill Clinton. Died violently.
Daniel ForestierA DGSE agent who was assassinated in 2019
Francisco Ortiz FrancoMexican journalist assassinated within months of starting to write about drug trafficking.
Helric FredounA French policeman who reportedly shot himself just after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Álvaro Gomez-HurtadoSpooky Colombian diplomat who attended Le Cercle. Assassinated in 1995
François de GrossouvreThe spook in charge of Operation Gladio in France.
Walter GuinnessLord Moyne. An Anglo-Irish politician and businessman. Served as Minister of State in UN Mandate Palestine in 1944 when he was assassinated by members of Lehi
Philip HaneyA DOHS whistleblower who suddenly died in February 2020
Frank HegartySuspected IRA informer
Bill HunterA reported who investigated the JFK assassination. Shot dead by a policeman, reportedly accidentally.
Jennifer JaynesUS author whose plotlines included "corruption inside the vaccine industry". Two gunshots to the had in November 2019.
Kenneth JohannemannA janitor at the World Trade Centre who saw explosions and rescued someone from the base of the buliding who had been burned by one.
George F. Baker JrA "prominent socialite" shot dead in 1977. 1001 Club. His son was presumed dead after flying a small plane.
Steve KangasA spook turned whistleblower who was one of the first political campaigners on the internet. Probably murdered by the US Deep state.
David KoreshA cult leader shot dead in the Waco siege.
Andrei Kozlov
Walter KrivitskyA spook and defector
Pedro Luis Díaz Lanz
Maxim Lazovsky
Anton LubowskiNamibian anti-apartheid activist assassinated by South Africa's Civil Cooperation Bureau
Darrell MacIntyreA US Lawyer found dead in suspicious circumstances after he had been working on the "Iran-Contra" case.
Philip MarshallA CIA pilot who published two popular and insightful books on 9-11. He was found shot dead with his children.
Mary Pinchot MeyerWife of Cord Meyer, lover of JFK, murdered in 1964.
Mark MinnieA paedophile investigator shot dead nine days after publishing a book about a 1980s VIPaedophile network involving members of the South African government
Daniel MitrioneUS policeman turned spook who taught torture techniques to police in South America.
George de MohrenschildtLee Harvey Oswald's handler, found dead after attempting to share some of what he knew with the media.
Aleksey Mozgovoy
Stephen PaddockA "lone nut" officially responsible for the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.
John PaisleyA spook who died before he could testify in the HSCA.
William Pawley
Yann PiatAssassinated French politician
William Pitzer
Anna PolitkovskayaA staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.
RFKBrother of murdered US president John F. Kennedy, Robert had been his Attorney General and wanted to become US President himself so he could uncover his brothers killers. Assassinated.
Walther RathenauGerman Foreign Minister assassinated in office after signing the Treaty of Rapallo with the USSR.
Seth RichA Washington DC staffer who was murdered for unclear reasons, and whom Julian Assange hinted may have been a source for Wikileaks. The FBI claimed for 4 years they had no data on him, later admitting that they had thousands of pages of documents and his laptop.
Detlev RohwedderGerman politician, Bilderberg, assassinated.
Hanns Martin Schleyer
Margie SchoedingerA woman found shot dead after filing rape charges against George W. Bush. Corporate media uninterested.
Dulcie SeptemberANC member, anti-apartheid activist, and political prisoner who went into exile in London. She was assassinated in Paris.
Tupac ShakurInternationally known rap musician. Assassinated
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