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The Susurluk car crash, which lead to the exposure of the Turkish Deep state.

Car crashes, like plane crashes and other such 'accidents' can be used as covert assassination tools.


A man in his 20c who died in a motorcycle crash was reported as a COVID-19 death.[citation needed]



Page nameDateDescription
Diana Spencer/Premature deathA highly suspicious event.
Susurluk car crashA seminal but still rather poorly understood deep event. It led to the coining of the phrase "deep state", and by extension "deep politics" and "deep politician".


Car crash victims on Wikispooks

Eivinn BergPossible deep state operative, attended the 1985 Bilderberg as Permanent Representative of Norway to NATO. Died in a car crash
Hubert BrasierFather of Theresa May, died in a car crash
Hermine de Clermont-TonnerreFrench socialite in Epstein's black book.
Edward CutoloA drug smuggler who named a lot of names about the CIA's drug trafficking, and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.
Athan GibbsUS businessman who designed a a voting machine where the voter has an opportunity to verify that their vote has been received, recorded and counted. Died in suspicious car crash.
Faraj HassanA supporter of Aafia Siddiqui
Michael HastingsAmerican journalist, author, contributing editor to Rolling Stone and reporter for BuzzFeed.
Anne HecheHollywood actress who died in fiery car crash
Danny JowenkoControlled demolition expert who was famously interviewed about the destruction of WTC7, later suddenly died
Isaac KappyAn actor who died aged 42 after accusing former Hollywood friends of paedophilia.
Otto LacisA member of the ill-fated Kovalev Commission who died in a car crash.
Björn LundvallAs CEO of LM Ericsson, a part of the Wallenberg Sphere, Lundvall also represented the Wallenberg family as a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Aubrey McClendonA US businessman who died in suspicious circumstances.
Mpho MoeraneThe Mayor of Johannesburg died in a freak car crash in May 2022.
Mario OhovenGerman business leader who has been a regular guest on German talk shows. Died in a Car crash two days after criticizing a new Covid-19 lockdown.
Brian Downing QuigDeep politics researcher who publicised CIA drug trafficking. Fatal hit by a car in 2003.
Karen SilkwoodThe assassinated US nuclear whistleblower whose case was taken up by the Christic Institute.
Paul M. SmithHelicopter pilot who played a role in 2001. Died in 2007
Paul StehlinFrench officer and politician opposed the defense policy of General de Gaulle, which called for French room for independence, and campaigned for a close alliance with the United States. Went to the 1973 Bilderberg. Died after a traffic accident on the same day in 1975 he was exposed as secret "consultant" for US arms companies.


Related Quotation

Snopes“It does appear to the case, however, that a motorcyclist who was killed in a traffic accident also tested positive for COVID-19, and was initially listed among Florida’s COVID-19-related deaths. But officials from the Florida Department of Health said that person has since been removed from the count.”
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