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If you are considering becoming a whistleblower,
be warned that the official narrative about "Whistleblower Protection" is basically a lie.
[1] Before proceeding further, you are recommended to read this essay, and the stories of some of the whistleblowers listed below.

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"Whistleblower Protection" is a name given to various schemes nominally designed to protect whistleblowers. Considering that less than 1/10 of those who follow official whistleblowing procedures report any benefit from doing so,[2] a less sanguine assessment would be that in practice they operate as early warning systems, to protect organisations from whistleblowers.

Selected examples

In 1995, Steve Wilson and Jane Akre refused to tailor their investigation into RBGH to suit the wishes of Monsanto's PR department, and hoped that as whistleblowers they would be entitled to protection or compensation.[3]. However, a Florida Court of Appeals denied them any protection, since the US has no laws against distorting or falsifying the news.[4]

Sunny Sheu sought "whistleblower protection".

In May 2018, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority fined the CEO of Barclays, Jes Staley, £642,430 for trying to identify an anonymous whistleblower who in 2016 send a letter to the bank's board. The authorities also reported "limited gaps" in Barclays' whistleblowing policies and procedures. In December 2018, New York's Department of Financial Services fined Barclays Bank PLC and its New York branch $15 million for Staley's behaviour.


Full article: WhistleblowersUK

WhistleblowersUK describeds itself as "a not for profit organisation that reinvests its surplus income to provide help, support and information to whistleblowers". The chairman, retired policeman Tom Lloyd, was head of security for the Institute for Statecraft, exposed by the Integrity Initiative Leak as an organ of the UK deep state.

Alternatives to formal schemes

In 2004, FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds launched the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition to try to assist other whistleblowers. In December 2013, speaking at the CCC conference, Annie Machon announced that she would be starting the Courage Foundation to protect whistleblowers.

Leak sites

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies eschewed "whistleblower protection" and instead went with internal company documents to Project Veritas, first anonymously, then publicly.[5]



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US/Office of Special CounselOfficially, in charge of ensuring whistleblowers are taken seriously.
WhistleblowersUKUK group chaired since November 2015 by the former Institute for Statecraft head of security, Tom Lloyd.