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Larry Sanger the co-founder of Wikipedia commenting on the 2019 developments of the Epstein affair. Full thread.

The Epstein Affair is centered upon the figure of Jeffrey Epstein, but involves a VIPaedophile ring potentially connecting large swathes of associates whose relevance continues to be minimised by commercially-controlled media.


Jeffrey Epstein was set up as a billionaire financier. A convicted paedophile and sex-addict himself, he hosted lavish parties and arranged for sexual blackmail among high powered friends who used his services. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that he was employed by the Mossad.


Alan Dershowitz

Full article: Alan Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz worked as an attorney for Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Full article: Ghislaine Maxwell

After a brief sexual relationship with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell is widely reported to have become a key part of his sex trafficking operation and a recruiter of underage girls. [1] Robert David Steele amongst other voices alleges that both Ghislaine and her father, Robert Maxwell worked for Mossad.[2]

"Potential co-conspirators" granted immunity

Four named "potential co-conspirators" granted immunity by the 2008 sweatheart plea deal that Alexander Acosta cut Jeffrey Epstein:[3]

  1. Nada Marcinkova (a.k.a. Nadia Marcinko)
  2. Lesley Groff
  3. Adriana Ross
  4. Sarah Kellen (a.k.a. Sarah Kensington.)[4][5]

Andrew Windsor

In the UK, the Epstein connection which garnered the most interest in late 2019 was Andrew Windsor, who was criticised for staying with Epstein after his registration as a sex offender. Multiple photos testify to a relationship between the two.

Epstein's Properties

Jeffrey Epstein held numerous properties throughout the United States and the US Virgin Islands where he participated in human trafficking and participated in sex acts with minors. He also owned a NYC Townhouse valued at $77 million and the largest in the city. Bed Widdicome wrote that "For reasons that have never been explained, Wexner appears to have made a gift of the house to Epstein, transferring title for the cost of $0 around 1996".[7]

Epstein also owned Zorro Ranch in New Mexico and two islands, Little St. James and Great St. James. He reportedly "ferried girls as young as 11 and 12 to St Thomas on private jets then used his own boats and helicopters to get them to his island."[8]

Well informed interview with Whitney Webb for Consortiumnews. The hosts Joe Lauria and Elisabeth Vos are discussing the most recent developments as of August 2019.

In January 2019, a massive fire took place on the southwest corner of Little St. James.[9] During 2019, there have been extensive renovations taking place on the island since then, including the renovation of several underground "bunkers" that are built into the hillside around Epstein's alleged "temple" [10] It has been reported that new construction was started on the island of Great St. James. [11]


John Dougan‎ was inside the investigation and fled to Russia with information where he was granted political asylum.[12]

2008 Charge

In 2008 Epstein arranged a plea deal after being arrested for soliciting a minor for sexual contact. His defense lawyers Jay Lefkowitz‎ (and Alan Dershowitz?[citation needed]) agreed a deal with Alexander Acosta which gave a blanket exemption to any associates of Epstein in the affair.

2019 Ruling

In February 2019 "a federal judge ruled that the prosecutors working the case broke the law by not notifying Epstein's victims that they were cutting him a plea deal."[13]

After this, former associates moved to distance themselves from Epstein.[citation needed]

2019 Arrest

Epstein was arrested on 6 July 2019 and was charged with sex trafficking conspiracy of minors by the federal government. [14]

Epstein's legal team aggressively pushed to allow their client to stay on house arrest pending trial at his New York townhouse, pledging up to $559 million as collateral to guarantee his cooperation]. [15] Epstein was denied bail pending trial. He was held Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan.

"Suicide attempt"

Jeffrey Epstein Affair.jpg

On the morning of 23 July 2019, Epstein was found with neck injuries. The official narrative was that he had tried to kill himself. Court papers released in 2020 stated that the Metropolitan Correctional Center staff had "inadvertently" deleted the CCTV of that night.[16]

"Apparent Suicide"

Full article: Jeffrey Epstein/"Suicide"
One comment, reportedly posted to 4Chan 10 minutes before Epstein's death had been publicly announced, was suggesting a body swap had taken place.[17]

The most supine commercially-controlled media outlets hurried to echo the official narrative of an "apparent suicide", without detailing what circumstances gave the appearance of suicide. This was in sharp contrast with independent voices which tended to express high levels of disbelief at the suicide narrative. On 12 August the BBC termed dissent from the official narrative as "wild speculation", concluding with an apparently unrelated quote from Jim Sciutto that "Remember this is about... partisan politics. When I was [there]... folks didn't trust authorities so assumed a plot behind every event."[18] Again on 12 August, CNN referred to it as an "apparent suicide".[19] USA Today wrote on 15 August that "The prison officials who took Jeffrey Epstein off his suicide watch prematurely, relegating him to almost certain death, did not do the prison system and how it handles mental health emergencies any favors. "[20]

"Reported Suicide"

Independent media regarded the claim with scepticism, even disbelief.[21]Russ Baker urged on 10 August that A Little Skepticism is Warranted about the suicide narrative.[22]


The US Attorney General, Bill Barr, ordered the warden at the time of the Epstein affair, Lamine N'Diaye, be reassigned to a desk job. However, he was instead assigned to a "top job" at FCI Fort Dix, a low-security prison in Burlington County, New Jersey.[23]

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Joseph Recarey“There were really just two people willing to risk their careers to go after Epstein: Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter and Detective Joseph Recarey... In their first media interviews about the case, Reiter and Recarey revealed new details about the investigation, and how they were, in their view, pressured by then-Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer to downgrade the case to a misdemeanor or drop it altogether.”Joseph Recarey
Julie Brown
3 December 2018


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