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(Policeman, Private investigator, Whistleblower)
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Born7 November 1928
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Died31 July 2011 (Age 82)
Memphis, Tennessee
Cause of death
Interests • The Finders
• The Illuminati
• Bohemian Grove
• McMartin Preschool
• Satanism
US policeman supposedly turned dissident who gave confusing revelations

Ted Gunderson was a US policeman.[1] He later said he was influenced by William Guy Carr's writings on the Illuminati.[2]


Head of the Los Angeles FBI.


After retiring from the FBI in March of 1979, he began looking into cases of satanic murder after becoming convinced of the innocence of Army medical doctor, Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald, who was convicted for the murder of his wife and two young daughters on Ft. Bragg Army base in North Carolina.[3]

His employment with the FBI has given him much initial credibility,[4] while there appears to be the general consensus, that over time he more and more blew everything he touched out of proportion.[5] Ed Opperman who knew Gunderson personally, said that in private conversation Gunderson admitted that some statements were overblown (in terms of scale of satanic abuse that is going on in the country) and that he always thought his recorded lectures (those that were recorded prior to the wide-scale use of the Internet) would never reach a bigger audience.[6]

Art Bell lawsuit

Art Bell did sue Gunderson's radio station for libel in 2000.[7][8][9][10]

Chip Tatum - Black Ops Interview with Ted Gunderson / TV Junkie YT channel


Joël van der Reijden's list of what not to believe includes "everything that has come out of Ted Gunderson's mouth".[11]

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