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Website.png http://www.exaronews.com   Facebook Twitter YouTube
Started: September 2011
Founder: David Pallister

Owner: New Sparta Ltd. (Jerome Booth)

A UK media source which has shown itself more willing to address topics which the establishment commercially-controlled media have refused to.

Kroll control of the City of London police

In June 2012, Exaro outed Kroll Inc. as having instigated the City of London police to instigate an unnecessary investigation costing £1 million to protect the reputation of one of its clients.[1]


Full article: Stub class article VIPaedophile

Exaro has reported on the paedophilia in the UK political establishment which was facilitated and exploited by MI5 for purposes of political blackmail. It assisted in production of the 2015 film which was broadcast on Australia's 60 Minutes in July 2015.[2]