2011 Norway attacks

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Event.png "“terrorism”"
2011 Norway attacks (car bomb,  mass shooting,  false flag?,  Act of terrorism) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Date22 July 2011 15:25 - 22 July 2011 18:34
LocationOslo,  Utøya,  Norway
Plannerssupranational deep state?
Blamed onAnders Breivik
Injured (non-fatal)209
DescriptionA car bomb in Oslo and subsequent mass shooting at a summer camp in Norway on 22 July 2011, claiming a total of 77 lives.


Ole Dammegård suggests that the Norway attacks may have been a false flag by the supranational deep state,[1] influenced by Norway's intention to leave the 2011 Attacks on Libya.[2]


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The Official Culprit

Anders BreivikConvicted of planting the bomb that killed 8 people in central Oslo, Norway, followed by the shooting to death of 66 teenagers on a nearby camping island on 22 July 2011