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BornDavid Christopher Kelly
14 May 1944
Rhondda, Wales
Died17 July 2003 (Age 59)
Oxfordshire, England
Alma materUniversity of Leeds, University of Birmingham, Linacre College Oxford
ReligionBahá'í Faith
SpouseJanice Kelly
ExposedDodgy Dossier
Victim ofmurder
Interest ofMiles Goslett
SubpageDavid Kelly/Assassination
Dr David Kelly, a UN weapons inspector who died in highly suspicious circumstances

Dr David Kelly was an expert in biological warfare and a former UN weapons inspector in Iraq.

On 29 May 2003, journalist Andrew Gilligan reported on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that "one of the senior officials" in charge of drawing up the British government's dossier, purporting to show the danger of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, said that what would later be termed the dodgy dossier had been 'sexed up'.[1]

On 10 July 2003, Dr David Kelly was named as the source for Gilligan's report on the government's Iraq dossier and called to appear on 15 July 2003 before the Parliamentary Committee charged with investigating the scandal.

Dr Kelly was found dead several days later.[2] The subsequent Hutton Inquiry concluded that Dr Kelly had committed suicide, but many believe that a full inquest into his death is required.[3] In 2019 the Daily Mail published a story entitled Damning new evidence that Dr Kelly DIDN'T commit suicide: The disturbing flaws in the official government story surrounding the death of Blair's chemical weapons expert.[4]

Recent revelations

Exhumation and cremation

According to the Oxford Mail, the remains of Dr Kelly were exhumed and cremated in July 2017 at the request of his widow Janice [5]. This was not reported in the UK Commercially-controlled media until late October 2017 where the memes of 'desecration' and 'conspiracy theorists blame were firmly planted'. [6] [7] [8] She was reported to have complained of 'desecration' after a sign asking for a Coroner's inquest was left at the grave. A Home Office licence would have been required for the exhumation. Mr Gerrard Jones, a member of the group 'Justice for Kelly, was quoted as saying:

“We were going to go for an exhumation licence ourselves. Earlier this year, around March, I said to the coroner, if you can’t help us we might have to pursue an exhumation, and the next moment the exhumation went ahead. What does that tell you?” [9]

David Cameron connections

On 7 February 2015, the Daily Mail announced that PM David Cameron had leaked details from the Iraq Inquiry report which "will be a 'devastating' indictment of the Blair Government".[10]

On 8 February 2015, it was revealed that the Chilcot Inquiry had been tasked specifically with tracking down those responsible for “misplacing” three nuclear weapons obtained from apartheid South Africa 25 years ago. Both David Cameron and Dr David Kelly are understood to have been involved in the diversion of these WMD which eventually became the pretext for the Iraq War.[11]

Unfinished book

Dr Kelly was writing a book at the time of his death. He was intending to reveal that he warned Prime Minister Tony Blair there were no WMD in Iraq weeks before the US/UK led Iraq War. He had had several discussions with a publisher in Oxford and was seeking advice on how far he could go without breaking the Official Secrets Act. Following his death, his computers were seized by police.[12]

A video by James Corbett

Premature death

Full article: David Kelly/Premature death

David Kelly was found dead days after appearing before the Parliamentary committee charged with investigating the scandal. A lot of evidence suggests that he was 'suicided', while the failure of the UK government to permit an inquest (the first such decision in a suspicious death case in several centuries) points to deep state involvement. In May 2006, Norman Baker MP stepped down as shadow environment secretary to investigate the death of David Kelly, and remarked that "the more I look into it the less convinced I am by the explanation and the more unanswered questions appear which ought to have been addressed properly by the Hutton inquiry or by the coroner."[13][14] A group of senior medical practitioners, including retired surgeon Dr David Halpin, formed and cited medical evidence claiming that for "all practical purposes" suicide using the means allegedly adopted by Dr Kelly "does not exist in Britain".[15]

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