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US Department of Homeland Security Seal.svg

2002 saw the perpetrators of 9-11 still working to concoct a plausible official narrative, and to tidy up as many of the loose ends as possible. Katherine Smith, for example, one of many 9/11 Premature deaths; she was firebombed in her car the day before she was due to testify in court. Commercially-controlled media continued to hype the "war on terror", replaying a selected subset of the events of the previous year (omitting some of the more inconvenient ones such as the spontaneous collapse of World Trade Center 7 and the Amerithrax case).

US Department of Homeland Security

Full article: US Department of Homeland Security

The US Department of Homeland Security was created for multiple purposes. This was portrayed as a response to 9-11, like the whole Patriot Act, but in fact had a common set of perpetrators.

The Assassination of Paul Wellstone

Full article: Paul Wellstone/Assassination

Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash, officially described as an accident.

Bali bombings

Full article: 2002 Bali bombings
2002 Bali bombing.jpg

On 12 October 2002, two bombs were detonated in a tourist area in Bali, Indonesia. 202 people were killed, mostly tourists from Australia or Europe. The Australian Government promptly introduced laws that required all ISPs in Australia to collect and monitor the data passing through their servers. Meanwhile, in the Telecommunications Interception Legislation Amendment Bill of 2002 it granted its agencies powers to intercept and read email, SMS and voice-mail messages without a warrant.

In 2005, the former President of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid stated that "The orders to do this or that came from within our armed forces not from the fundamentalist people", i.e. that he believed the bombing was a false flag attack. Asked who he thought planted the second bomb, he replied "Maybe the police... or the armed forces."[1]



Al-Yamamah arms dealA complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
Operation Mass AppealAn effort by MI6 to facilitate the UK's invasion of Iraq.
Saville InquiryAn investigation into Bloody Sunday which left 14 people dead.
Children Overboard affair
Peru/Truth and Reconciliation CommissionAn attempt to restore a functioning and non-criminal government to Peru.
Le Cercle/2002 (Washington)
Wilton Review
2002 Venezuelan coup attemptA failed CIA-backed coup attempt against Hugo Chávez
Cory Collusion Inquiry
Le Cercle/2002 (Morocco)
Soham murders
Operation Torsion
2002 Bali bombings
Paul Wellstone/AssassinationA crash officially recorded as an accident, but which several researchers consider to have been a covert assassination.


New Groups

Giuliani PartnersGiulianiPartners.gif
SITE Intelligence GroupSITE Intelligence Group.jpg
Think tank
David ProjectGroup.pngLobby
Counter Terrorist GroupGroup.png
Kovalev commissionGroup.pngAn ill-fated commission to investigate the 1999 Russian Apartment bombings. Various members of it were assassinated or died after suspicious accidents.
United States Northern CommandOfficial NORTHCOM Seal.pngMilitary
Civitatis InternationalGroup.pngThink tank
Saban Center for Middle East PolicyGroup.pngResearch
Think tank
Prague Security Studies InstituteGroup.png
Stop The BoycottGroup.pngLobby
Cambridge Security ProgrammeGroup.png
Academic Friends of IsraelGroup.pngLobby
Institute for the Study of Violent GroupsLogo-isvg.png
American Congress for TruthGroup.png
Search for International Terrorist EntitiesGroup.png
Muslim Contact UnitRobert Lambert speaks to MCU.jpgIntelligence agencySpooky unit of the UK Metropolitan Police interested in "radicalisation" of Muslims.
Aegis Defence ServicesGroup.pngMilitary
Military ranks
9-11/Joint Congressional Inquiry9-11 Joint Congressional Inquiry.jpgCover-upThe first inquiry into 9/11, by its own admission "not in the blame game". It produced an 800 page report of which 28 pages were censored, and released in redacted form in July 2016.
Americans for Victory Over TerrorismGroup.png
Homeland Security Advisory CouncilGroup.png
Radio SawaGroup.png
Policy ExchangePolicy Exchange.jpgThink tankA neoconservative orientated think-tank with close ties to David Cameron
International Criminal CourtInternational Criminal Court logo.svgInternational
An international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war crimes. Over 120 nations in the world have signed up, including almost all of Europe and the Americas, but with several non-signatories including USA, Russia, India and China.
Defence Strategy & Solutions LLPGroup.pngMilitary
Threat Response InternationalGroup.png
Office of Special PlansGroup.png
Public Diplomacy Strategy BoardGroup.png
US/Department of Homeland SecurityUS Department of Homeland Security Seal.svgPlanned by the same group who planned the 9/11 attacks, and carried out in their wake, the DoHS is a large department which replaced the existing domestic security, disaster planning and management functions of the US government.
9-11/Commission911 commission seal.svgCover-upSet up over a year after the event, refused access to the president's daily briefings, not testified to under oath by Bush or Cheney, the 9/11 Commission was termed a "cover-up" by former member Max Cleland, who resigned. His replacement declared that 9/11 was "a 30 year conspiracy". Their first report did not mention WTC7.


New Websites

GigablastRedrocket.jpghttps://gigablast.comAn open source search engine written in over 500,00o lines of C/C++. In 2019, Martin Wells warned against using the code.
GawkerGawker.pnghttp://gawker.comA formerly highly popular website. In 2014 it published 3 important exposes by Mark Gorton. Closed in 2016.
If Americans KnewIAK-logo.pnghttp://www.ifamericansknew.org/Tour-de-force website of US journalist Alison Weir. It focuses on the historical and ongoing injustices perpetrated by the state of Israel against the non-Jewish people of Palestine
The TruthseekerThe Truthseeker logo.jpghttp://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk


Groups that were Wound Up

European Coal and Steel CommunityGroup.png
US/Space CommandUnited States Space Command emblem.gif
9-11/Joint Congressional Inquiry9-11 Joint Congressional Inquiry.jpgCover-upThe first inquiry into 9/11, by its own admission "not in the blame game". It produced an 800 page report of which 28 pages were censored, and released in redacted form in July 2016.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Joseph Weinberg19172002Spook
Roy Hargraves2002Soldier
David H. Barran23 May 19122002Businessperson
Joseph Slater19222002Economist
Cyrus Vance27 March 191712 January 2002New York
Mount Sinai Medical Center
Henry Reuss22 February 191212 January 2002California
San Rafael
Albert Ritchie20 December 191624 January 2002Diplomat
Katherine SmithFebruary 2002Fire9-11/Premature deathAn alert Tennessee DMV employee who sold IDs to 5 foreigners of middle Eastern appearance.
Eldon Rudd15 July 19208 February 2002Arizona
Vernon A. Walters3 January 191710 February 2002West Palm Beach
Deep politician
Coupmaster, George H. W. Bush's #2 man in the CIA.
Harold Weisberg8 April 191321 February 2002Author
Georges Vedel5 July 191021 February 2002France
Jonas Savimbi3 August 193422 February 2002Lucusse
Moxico Province
Robert Strausz-Hupé25 March 190324 February 2002Pennsylvania
Newtown Square
Marion Grafin Donhoff2 December 190911 March 2002Journalist
Ibn al-Khattab14 April 196920 March 2002ChechnyaPoison
Nerve agent
Russian apartment bombings/Premature deathNamed - and the poisoned - by the FSB as the organiser of the 1999 Russian apartment bombings.
Luis María Otero Monsegur9 February 191426 April 2002Argentina
Buenos Aires
Alexander Lebed20 April 195028 April 2002Air disasterSoldier
A military man who ran for Russian President in 1996. Died in 2002 in a helicopter crash.
Barbara Castle6 October 19103 May 2002Buckinghamshire
Hugo Banzer10 May 19265 May 2002Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Pim Fortuyn19 February 19486 May 2002Netherlands
PoliticianAn assassinated Dutch politician
Bernard Burrows3 July 19107 May 2002A pillar of the British diplomatic establishment
John Gorton9 September 191119 May 2002Australia
Chandra Levy14 April 197722 May 2002Intern
John Wodehouse12 May 192426 May 2002
Michael Alexander19 June 19361 June 2002London
Flora Lewis25 July 19222 June 2002ParisJournalist
Umberto Ortolani31 May 191317 June 2002Italy
Antony Sutton14 February 192517 June 2002USAuthor
A scholarly and controversial professor whose research has become increasingly influential as the Internet Age has gathered momentum after his death at the age of 77 in 2002.
Madeleine Brown5 July 192522 June 2002Dallas
Joseph Luns28 August 191117 July 2002Belgium
PoliticianEx Secretary General of NATO, Regular Bilderberger
Gerhard Wessel24 December 191328 July 2002Spook
Former BND chief
Abu NidalMay 193716 August 2002Baghdad
Ba'athist Iraq
Francis Brooks Richards18 July 191813 September 2002Spook
Frederic Bennett2 December 191814 September 2002Deep state functionary
Hartland de M. Molson29 May 190728 September 2002Canada
Klaus-Georg von Amsberg6 September 19266 October 2002Netherlands
Academic Medical Center
Civil servant
Richard Helms30 March 191323 October 2002Washington DCSpook
Deep state actor
Paul Wellstone21 July 194425 October 2002Minnesota
PoliticianAn outspoken critic of the Iraq War, probably killed by the cabal
Allen Lambert191125 October 2002Banker
Donald Niven Wheeler23 October 19138 November 2002Washington DC
John Goossens25 November 19448 November 2002Belgium
Jens Heyerdahl30 March 19109 November 2002Lawyer
Andre Batenburg11 October 192212 November 2002Banker
Abba Eban2 February 191517 November 2002Diplomat
Gul Rahman20 November 2002The Salt PitSenior member of HIAKidnapped and tortured to death by the CIA.
Sean Parlaman30 October 195823 November 2002Thailand
FallingActivist"The leading anti-pedophile activist of his generation"
Eugene Rostow25 August 191325 November 2002
William W. Geimer18 August 19371 December 2002Lawyer
Ivan Illich4 September 19262 December 2002Germany
Not particularly celebrated during his lifetime, Illich was one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century, perhaps of all time.
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