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Decade.png 2000s: )    Year.png 2002 
US Department of Homeland Security Seal.svg

2002 saw the perpetrators of 9-11 still working to concoct a plausible official narrative, and to tidy up as many of the loose ends as possible. Katherine Smith, for example, one of many 9/11 Premature deaths; she was firebombed in her car the day before she was due to testify in court. Commercially-controlled media continued to hype the "war on terror", replaying a selected subset of the events of the previous year (omitting some of the more inconvenient ones such as the spontaneous collapse of World Trade Center 7 and the Amerithrax case).

US Department of Homeland Security

Full article: US Department of Homeland Security

The US Department of Homeland Security was created for multiple purposes. This was portrayed as a response to 9-11, like the whole Patriot Act, but in fact had a common set of perpetrators.

The Assassination of Paul Wellstone

Full article: Stub class article Paul Wellstone/Assassination

Senator Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash, officially described as an accident.  


Al-Yamamah arms deal
Saville Inquiry
Children Overboard affair
Peru/Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Wilton Review
Le Cercle/2002 (Washington)
2002 Venezuelan coup attempt
Cory Collusion Inquiry
Le Cercle/2002 (Morocco)
Soham murders
Operation Torsion
2002 Bali bombings
Paul Wellstone/Assassination

New Groups

Stop The BoycottGroup.png2002 - PresentLobby
Cambridge Security ProgrammeGroup.png2002 - December 2007
Institute for the Study of Violent GroupsLogo-isvg.png2002 - Present
American Congress for TruthGroup.png2002 - Present
Search for International Terrorist EntitiesGroup.png2002 - Present
Muslim Contact UnitGroup.png2002 - 2016Intelligence agency
Academic Friends of IsraelGroup.png2002 - PresentLobby
Aegis Defence ServicesGroup.png2002 - PresentMilitary ranks
SITE Intelligence GroupSITE Intelligence Group.jpg2002 - Present
ReformGroup.png2002 - PresentThink tank
David ProjectGroup.png2002 - PresentLobby
Counter Terrorist GroupGroup.png2002 - Present
United States Northern CommandOfficial NORTHCOM Seal.png2002 - PresentMilitary
Civitatis InternationalGroup.png2002 - PresentThink tank
Saban Center for Middle East PolicyGroup.png2002 - PresentResearch
Think tank
Prague Security Studies InstituteGroup.png2002 - Present
9-11/Joint Congressional InquiryGroup.pngFebruary 2002 - December 2002Whitewash
Americans for Victory Over TerrorismGroup.pngMarch 2002 - Present
Homeland Security Advisory CouncilGroup.png19 March 2002 - Present
Radio SawaGroup.png23 March 2002 - Present
Policy ExchangePolicy Exchange.jpgApril 2002 - PresentThink tank
International Criminal CourtInternational Criminal Court logo.svg1 July 2002 - PresentLaw
Defence Strategy & Solutions LLPGroup.png7 August 2002 - 5 November 2013Commercial
Threat Response InternationalGroup.png19 August 2002 - 2005
Office of Special PlansGroup.pngSeptember 2002 - June 2003
Public Diplomacy Strategy BoardGroup.png28 October 2002 - 2006
United States Department of Homeland SecurityUS Department of Homeland Security Seal.svg25 November 2002 - Present
9-11/Commission911 commission seal.svg27 November 2002 - 21 August 2004Whitewash

New Websites

GawkerGawker.png2002 - 22 August 2016http://gawker.com
If Americans KnewIAK-logo.png28 June 2002 - Presenthttp://www.ifamericansknew.org/Tour-de-force website of US journalist Alison Weir. It focuses on the historical and ongoing injustices perpetrated by the state of Israel against the non-Jewish people of Palestine

Groups that were Wound Up

European Coal and Steel CommunityGroup.png1955 - 2002
9-11/Joint Congressional InquiryGroup.pngFebruary 2002 - December 2002Whitewash