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The British empire, globally very important for centuries, has long been influenced by various mostly unseen forces. After WWI, the UK deep state increasingly came under the influence of the US deep state.

The UK deep state (UKDS) has a long history. Although this website has little about the British Empire (indeed little before 1945) this reflects of the interest of contributors and should not be taken to suggest that deep state groups were not of great importance before that time. Most of the earlier history of the UK/US deep state described below is from a single source, Carroll Quigley's The Anglo-American Establishment.


The UK was a monarchy for centuries, so the extent to which a deep state could be said to have existed inevitably varied depending upon the personality of any particular monarch and his (or, occasionally her) royal entourage. The rules of succession were occasionally disputed (most notably in the Wars of the Roses), providing opportunities for enterprising kingmakers who could mount the requisite armed men (or just hire an assassin) to change the established ruler.

Middle Ages

In 1215 the UK parliament was created under King John after the Magna Carta. This was a unicameral system which had no pretence of elections until 1265. It has developed in form and function over the centuries, but has remain situated in London, which had been the been the capital city, and the centre of governance, banking, commerce and therefore also of the UK deep state for centuries. As the market economy increased in importance in the middle ages, the influence of nobility and local military commanders began to be eclipsed by that of international financiers.

Bank of England

Full article: Stub class article Bank of England

The Bank of England was set up in 1694 (the world's second central bank) by king William III as a compromise with the financiers who, increasingly well organised, were increasingly disinclined to lend him money for military ventures. They were granted a royal monopoly on the right to issue UK pounds out of nothing (and charge interest on them). Since this meant that an unlimited number of pounds could be created, it was easier for the king to borrow money from them when he wanted to raise an army. Originally a private business, it was nationalised in 1946 and placed under nominal government control. As with many deep state groups, financiers and central bankers have played a key role in the deep state in the UK.

The Milner Group

Full article: The Milner Group

In February 1891 the millionaire mining magnate Cecil Rhodes formed a secret society which although highly influential is still largely unknown because its members had positions of great influence in the teaching of history in the UK (in particular, in Oxford university's Corpus Christi college) and used this influence to expunge many traces of their influence from the historical record, as the seminal deep politics researcher Carroll Quigley exposed in The Anglo-American Establishment: “One wintry afternoon in February 1891, three men were engaged in earnest conversation in London. From that conversation were to flow consequences of the greatest importance to the British Empire and to the world as a whole. For these men were organizing a secret society that was for more than fifty years to be one of the most important forces in the formulation and execution of British imperial and foreign policy.” [1]

Jim Macgregor & Gerry Docherty lay out detailed claims in their book Hidden History: The Secret Origins Of The First World War how the Secret Elite, pursuing a shared vision of a global British Empire, deliberately engineered World War I in an effort to check the rise of their teutonic rival.

“Five principal players, Cecil Rhodes, William Stead, Lord Reginald Esher, Lord Nathaniel Rothschild and Alfred Milner were the founding fathers, but the secret society developed rapidly in numbers, power and presence in the years before 1914. Influential old aristocratic families that had long dominated Westminster were more deeply involved, as was King Edward VII, who operated within the inner core of the Secret Elite. Cecil Rhodes, a mining magnate who made millions in South Africa, had long talked about setting up a Jesuit-like secret society, pledged to take any action necessary to protect and promote the power of the British Empire. He sought to "bring the whole uncivilized world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making of the Anglo-Saxon race but one empire." * In essence the plan was as simple as that.”
Jim Macgregor,  Gerry Docherty [2]
* W. T. Stead, The Last Will And Testament of Cecil Rhodes, p.59

20th Century

Committee of Imperial Defence

Full article: Committee of Imperial Defence

The UK Prime Minister Arthur Balfour formed the Committee of Imperial Defence which prepared Britain for war.

The Pilgrims Society

Full article: The Pilgrims Society
Pilgrims logo.gif

The Pilgrims society, which began in the UK in 1902 and in the USA in 1903 was a deep state milieux of major importance to the Anglo-American establishment[citation needed]. It was (and is) a dining club attended by a select group including financiers, central bankers, diplomats, politicians and of course deep politicians.

World War I

Full article: World War I

The UK establishment worked hard to get the US involved in World War I, overcoming an isolationism which wanted no part in the European's war. Woodrow Wilson was a compliant deep state functionary, campaigning with the slogan "he kept us out of the war" while planning how to mobilise the US population for war. The sinking of the Lusitania was an important step in this process.

Interwar years

Personally enriched by World War I, members of the Secret Elite continued to be important in determining the constitution and policiers of the UK government.[3] As the relative power of the British Empire began to decline as respect to the rapidly industrialising USA, the centre of deep political gravity moved across the atlantic from London to Washington.

World War II

Full article: Stub class article World War II

In a repeat performance of the first World War, the UK establishment worked to get the US involved in World War II, overcoming resistance from a US population which was not enthusiastic. The turning point was the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. This was announced to the US public as a bolt from the blue, although various people have disputed this, including John Ainsworth-Davis, who claimed to have sunk an allied submarine to perpetuate the illusion that it was a surprise.

Post 1945

The USSR, although a wartime ally, quickly came to be feared. There ensued a dacades long rivalry known as the Cold War, which was a defining influence on geopolitics for most of the rest of the 20th century. There was an associated rush to create nuclear weapons (the UK was the second nation state to do so after the USA developed the atomic bombs with which in brought WWII to a close), which necessitated the creation of nuclear power stations to create the fissile isotopes.

An analogous defining influence on the geo-deep political arena was Operation Gladio, a.k.a. the 'stay behind network', which crystallised around the end of WWII in Europe. This trained teams of men and provisioned them with military supplies such as weapons, explosives, radios, gold etc. This continent wide network was so secret that heads of governments were often not informed about it. Under the loose control of the team of spooks who set it up, it was used by the CIA (and MI6?[citation needed] remained secret until the 1980s, when the determination of Italian judge Felice Casson combined with laziness and corruption of its members to bring the group to national prominence. The operation was (and arguably still is) of defining importance in understanding "terrorism" in the Europe[4], which has been important once in the 20th century - "the troubles" associated with the Irish Republican movement. In the 21st century this was reinvented as Operation Gladio/B, which replaced fascists with Muslims to institute the "war on terror".


Two important deep state milieux were started in continental Europe in the early 1950s - the Pinay Cercle and the Bilderberg, both of which remained almost unknown to the general public for over 50 years.[5] Born out of the Cold War, the former was extremely anti-communist in its make up and was initially unknown in UK deep political circles, but was to assume major importance in the 1970s, after Brian Crozier became chair of the group. The Bilderberg actively promoted European Union and closer ties with the USA. The first Bilderberg had several UK participants:- Colin Gubbins (who was one of the first 12 men approached by Jozef Retinger as he was planning the formation of the group)Clement Davies, Oliver Franks, Hugh Gaitskell, H. Montgomery Hyde, Robert Boothby, Harry Pilkington and Tom Williamson.


Elm Guest House, a notorious venue as regards UK deep state sponsored child abuse

After homosexuality was legalised in England in the 1960s it was replaced with under age sexual contact as a standard tool of sexual blackmail by the UK intelligence agencies. Particularly notorious venues included Dolphin Square (conveniently located for Westminster), the Elm Guest House (also in London) and the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland.


A jubilant Margaret Thatcher announces her election as UK Prime Minister after the work of Brian Crozier's Shield committee.

In the 1970s, Margaret Thatcher rose to lead first the UK Conservative party and in 1979 the UK. Her victory in the 1979 General Election was the focus of the Shield committee, a deep state group which was unknown until Brian Crozier revealed its existence in his memoirs. The leaked Langemann Papers detail a successful operation to achieve a regime change in the UK, suggesting that Le Cercle was behind Thatcher's 1975 election victory.

Paedophile Information Exchange

Full article: Paedophile Information Exchange

The Paedophile Information Exchange, set up in 1974, attracted the attention of some UK politicians and other key establishment figures. Since then, many top politicians have been alleged to have been active paedophiles, and numerous investigations were carried out, but the fixed pattern was that after evidence had been gathered and statements taken, high level authorities either misplaced the dossiers of evidence or decided not to continue with the prosecutions.[6] The VIPaedophile phenomenon only gained traction after Jimmy Saville was posthumously outed as a serial rapist, necrophilia and child abuser. The fact that he was a highly public figure, and that his sexual proclivities still a subject of rumour for decades.[6]

Le Cercle

Full article: Rated 5/5 Le Cercle

Various circumstantial evidence connects Le Cercle to various multi-billion pound arms deals[7] and it was closely connected to the 1979 JCIT which launched the global effort to promote "terrorism" as a replacement threat for the MICC.[8] A close friend of Thatcher, Airey Neave, was killed by a car bomb in Westminster, officially by the IRA, after reportedly talking of "cleaning the stables" as far as the UK intelligence agencies.


In the UK, 'Thatcherism' was used to describe the policy of privatization and "deregulation" - advancing a similar economic agenda to the cabal led administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. This was initially unpopular and Thatcher's government was decidedly unpopular until the Falklands War. She went on, however to win 3 successive elections. Although she had favourably impressed the 1975 Bilderberg, she later fell out with them, possibly because she announced herself unwilling to swap the UK Pound for of the Euro. Thatcher is reported[By whom?] to have been involved in various corrupt arms deals to funnel money into Tory central office.

The BBC purchased an expose entitled Secret Society about her secret cabinet committees, but later decided not to broadcast it.[9]


After a decade of disillusionment under Conservative party rule, Tony Blair was elected to power in the 1997 General election. He had a close relationship with George W. Bush as the Western commercially-controlled media put it - i.e. was to prove a compliant puppet of the cabal.

21st Century

The "War on Terror" has seen the "counter-terrorism" industry profit greatly from an unprecedented militarization of UK law and society. The UK's foreign intelligence agency, MI6 is increasingly understood to be closely aligned with elements of the CIA and the Mossad. Public apathy and establishment inaction in the face of documentary evidence of illegal universal surveillance by intelligence agencies, as announced by Edward Snowden, have effectively normalised the practice.After around 2015, the UK deep state has been active in stoking Russophobia.

September 11, 2001

Full article: Rated 4/5 9-11
A still unexplained glitch in the matrix of 9-11

In the UK, the events of September 11, 2001 were reported on by the UK corporate media as uncritically as in other Western European nation states. The BBC did carry reports of bombs going off in the world trade center on the day, but these were not repeated.[citation needed] A remarkable report which is still not adequately explained by the BBC[10]The BBC reported that WTC7 had collapsed about 20 minutes before it actually did. The UK deep state successfully repressed any serious examination of the circumstances in favour of the US governments "19 hijackers" line, although the BBC did report that several[How many?] of the purported 19 hijackers were still alive.

7-7 Bombings

Full article: Rated 3/5 2005 London bombings
A headline about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes. The Metropolitan Police's attempts to cover-up his murder were exposed by Lana Vandenberghe

In London on the 7th July 2005, people were killed by explosions at 4 locations, an event which was blamed on "Islamic terrorists" and was exploited to advance the global deep state agenda of rolling back civil liberties while rolling out a police state with increased use of armed police, mass surveillance etc. No CCTV of the bombings has been released, reportedly due to technical problems by Verint Systems, the Israeli owned company which was responsible for the London Transport CCTV. Tony Blair was incommunicado on a plane at the time of the bombings.

2010s - Increased scepticism - Cold War II

Full article: Cold War II

With public suspicion growing about the purposes of the "War on Terror", a decision was made to try to reboot the Cold War. In 2015, Chris Donnelly founded the Integrity Initiative to promote Russophobia in an attempt to help start Cold War II. Under cover of exposing Russian "disinformation", this group planted its own disinformation and established clandestine networks of influence to try to prevent the appointment of Putin-friendly officials in key positions. The UK deep state has continued to promote war on Syria. The UK public however are increasingly suspicious of broadcasts such as Saving Syria's children, which was broadcast just after a vote in the UK parliament about bombing Syria, and by the BBC's own admission featured unannounced audio editing and used "unverified" footage which alleged chemical weapon use by the Syrian government..[11]

Skripal Affair

Full article: Skripal Affair
Skripal affair proof.jpg

In March 2018, Sergei Skripal and his daughter were acutely ill, reportedly from novichok poisoning. Although the formula for novichok was publicly known, the UK government claimed that the fact that it was first synthesised in the USSR was strong evidence that Russia was behind the attack. Leaked documents reveal that the Integrity Initiative was intensely interested in public perceptions about this event and its now shuttered website published material that promoted the UK government's official line, and denying that neighbouring Porton Down was involved in the attack.

Mass surveillance

“The UK's communications watchdog Ofcom has overturned its ban on the use of GSM gateways (COMUGs) for overseas phone calls – leaving one of the longest prosecutions in modern English legal history hanging in the balance. The decision comes after a controversial public consultation exercise held earlier this year, in which The Register caught the Home Office's secret spy powers unit trying to anonymously lobby the regulator and keep the ban.”
Gareth Corfield (10 July 2017)  [12]


Operation Gladio (film).jpg

Alan Francovich's Operation Gladio film (broadcast on the BBC) revealed that MI6 had an important role in Operation Gladio.


Many whistleblowers have reported in single issues, but few have expressed understanding of larger forces at work. An exception is Carne Ross, whose article in The Observer published on 25 July 2010 spoke directly about the UK Deep state's blocking of crucial files to the Chilcot inquiry. It began I testified last week to the Chilcot inquiry. My experience demonstrates an emerging and dangerous problem with the process. This is not so much a problem with Sir John Chilcot and his panel, but rather with the government bureaucracy – Britain's own "deep state" – that is covering up its mistakes and denying access to critical documents... I asked for access to all the documents I had worked on as Britain's Iraq "expert" at the UN Security Council, including intelligence assessments, records of discussions with the US, and the long paper trail on the WMD dossier.

Large files were sent to me to peruse at the UK mission to the UN. However, long hours spent reviewing the files revealed that most of the key documents I had asked for were not there. I was told that specific documents, such as the records of prime minister Tony Blair's visit to Syria, could not be found. This is simply not plausible. [13]


In 2018, The Guardian reported that 44% of the UK population believed "the most widespread conspiracy belief", that “Even though we live in what's called a democracy, a few people will always run things in this country anyway.” [14] This compares to 3/4 of the US population whose greatest fear in 2017 was of "corrupt government officials".

Integrity Initiative

Full article: Rated 4/5 Integrity Initiative
Integrity Initiative Leaks.jpg

In 2018 'Anonymous' leaked documents about the Integrity Initiative. These revealed that the hitherto unregarded charity was in fact a covert propaganda outfit to promote Russophobia by exposing "Russian propaganda" as a route to Cold War II.[15]


The Milner Group had a tight control over the UK's historical record through its clique of historians at Oxford University's Corpus Christi College who collaborated to try to remove evidence of the group's existence from the historical record.[16]

The modern UK deep state seems less proficient at covering its tracks, and faces a much tougher job in the age of the internet, the independent media and the Streisand Effect.

Corporate media

Since the popularisation of the term in February 2017, the commercially-controlled media in the UK have written various pieces about the phrase "UK deep state".

In March 2018, Mike Smith headlined an article for the Daily Mirror "What evidence is there that a 'Deep State' exists in Britain - and is it secretly ruling the country?" It began "Conspiracy theorists believe a shadowy society of elite individuals is controlling our lives". Reporting on the opinions of Steve Hilton, it commented that when "Steve Hilton talks about the deep state, he’s really referring to the Civil Service", which it termed "the least sinister conspiracy theory in the world." However, it concluded "the idea of wealthy men deciding issues of national interest over a drink in a smoky sitting room, surrounded by oak panelling and leather armchairs, may sound fanciful. But perhaps it is more realistic than you think…"[17]

Integrity Initiative Leak

{FA|The [[Integrity Initiative/Leak}} In November 2018, 'Anonymous' published a tranche of internal documents online from the Integrity Initiative (and the Institute for Statecraft?)[citation needed]. Commercially-controlled media studiosly avoided these disclosures, but they were discussed in the UK parliament. In late January 2019, the Integrity Initiative and its parent group, the Institute for Statecraft both "temporarily" shut down their websites after continued exposure in the independent media. The Integrity Initiative/Leak continued until 25 March 2019, the 7th tranche of documents. These exposed the EXPOSE Network.



Page nameDescription
Milner GroupThe Milner Group was a key UK deep state group at the turn of the 20th century. It was exposed by Carroll Quigley, who claims that although of great importance, it was particularly difficult to track due to its control of the UK historical record.
Milner Group/Society of the Elect
Secret EliteAn incarnation of the UK deep state. The pseudonym was coined by Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty for their 2013 book Hidden History to describe the people who effectively controlled UK foreign policy from about 1890 into the decade following World War I


Related Quotation

UK“The UK's communications watchdog Ofcom has overturned its ban on the use of GSM gateways (COMUGs) for overseas phone calls – leaving one of the longest prosecutions in modern English legal history hanging in the balance. The decision comes after a controversial public consultation exercise held earlier this year, in which The Register caught the Home Office's secret spy powers unit trying to anonymously lobby the regulator and keep the ban.”Gareth Corfield10 July 2017


Events Planned

Australia/1975 coup d'étatAustralia
A CIA/MI6-backed covert "constitutional coup" to remove Gough Whitlam whom they saw as a loose cannon.
Operation Mass AppealAn effort by MI6 to facilitate the UK's invasion of Iraq.


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