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(9-11/Whistleblower, researcher, activist, journalist)
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Born Richard Andrew Grove
Exposed Marsh & McLennan
Interests • 9/11
• Deep state
Late for a meeting, Richard Grove was not in the World Trade Center when it was attacked.

Richard Andrew Grove is a financial trader turned whistleblower. He was fired in the summer of 2001 for questioning his employer about 'anomalous' fiscal transactions. "On 21 August 2001, he was bribed by his ex-employer to 'keep quiet'. On 7 September 2001, he contacted ex-coworkers and was urged to present his evidence in a staff meeting the following Tuesday morning. That morning, on his way to the meeting, Richard was stuck in traffic in Lower Manhattan. He watched black smoke pour out of the hole in the side of the World Trade Center 1, directly where his ex-coworkers and himself were to confront a certain Marsh Executive involved with the anomalous financial activity that triggered his untimely termination."[1][2]

Later Activities

Grove founded Tragedy and Hope, a media group, which took its name from the famous epic history by Carroll Quigley.[3] He has also been a great help to John Taylor Gatto, interviewing him to produce The Ultimate History Lesson, an acclaimed expose of the US system of forced schooling.[4]