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Group.png Bullingdon Club  
(Deep state milieu, Dining clubNNDBRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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HeadquartersOxford University
Typesecret society
Membership• Edward VII
• Edward VIII
• Frederick IX of Denmark
• Michael Ancram
• Matthew Benson
• Gottfried von Bismarck
• David Bowes-Lyon
• David Cameron
• Raymond Carr
• Henry Chaplin
• Randolph Churchill
• Alan Clark
• George Curzon
• David Dimbleby
• Harry Eastwood
• Ewen Fergusson
• Peter Fleming
• Jonathan Ford
• George Gibbs
• Sebastian Grigg
• Douglas Haig
• Nick Hurd
• Sebastian James
• Boris Johnson
• Jo Johnson
• Frederick Johnstone
• Ludovic Kennedy
• Harry Mount
• George Osborne
• Ralph Perry-Robinson
• Archibald Primrose
• John Profumo
• John Rankin Rathbone
• Cecil Rhodes
• Sebastian Roberts
• Nathaniel Rothschild
• John Scott
• Walter Scott
• Radosław Sikorski
• Thomas Assheton Smith
• Charles Spencer
• Alexander Thynn
• Felix Yusupov
An Oxford university dining club with a habit for inebriation and subsequent property destruction. A UK equivalent of the US Skull and Bones fraternity, which has had a large number of establishment insiders as members over the years.

The Bullingdon Club is an elite drinking/dining club at Oxford University, which appears to fulfil a somewhat similar function to the Skull and Bones fraternity (in Yale University) with many members keeping the relationships they form in their university days, and reaching senior position in the UK establishment, especially as politicians or journalists.

Official narrative

The Bullingdon Club elite drinking/dining club at Oxford university, with an acknowledged history of property destruction when inebriated.[1] Restaurant/pub owners are paid in full. Nothing sinister should be inferred from the remarkable track record of members in infiltrating establishment positions.


The Bullingdon Club's members have become notorious over the years for vandalising restaurants and trashing students' rooms.[2] The club members involvement in criminal violence, and their code of omertà - protecting each other - seems like a poor basis for which to select people for public office.

The Bullingdon Club in the late 19th century


Once accepted members must then purchase the uniform at a cost of £3,500.[3] Eating out and them destroying glassware seems to be the main ritual associated with the Bullingdon Club, which is increasingly being frowned upon - leading some would-be members to seek alternative options, such as the Stoics club.[3]

Censorship efforts

The BBC reported in 2007 that "News media have been prevented from showing a photo of David Cameron with fellow Oxford dining club members", allegedly for business reasons.[2]

2014 Film

A film called The Riot Club was produced in 2014, ostensibly about the behaviour of the Bullingdon Club. In the Daily Mail a report concluded that it was a "woefully weak make-believe vision of a university club".[4]


In 2007, the Telegraph published a photo of the Bullingdon Club taken in 1987 was published which featured Boris Johnson and David Cameron.[5]

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